3 Day Retreat with Khentrul Rinpoché

Glastonbury Non-Residential - Sep 4th - 6th, 2019

It is with great delight to finally announce that Lama Khentrul Rinpoche, a high Tantric Master from the Jonang Lineage will be coming to Sacred Land of Glastonbury on the 4th, 5th & 6th of September 2019 to give a non residential retreat. He will share deep and in-depth teaching of the preliminaries of The Kalachakra, this is an incredibly rare and auspicious opportunity to have these teachings penetrate the mists of Avalon.

There are Limited places for this retreat.

On day one & two we will study the Kalachakra and receive the empowerment to practice. On day three Rinpoche will kindly give Vajrasattva teachings and practice and teachings on Chod practice.

The retreat will begin at 10am each day and finish at 6pm, allowing for breaks for food which we will provide onsite.

The cost of the retreat will be £225.00 and all profits will go to Rinpoches projects.

What To Expect

  • What is the Kalachakra?
  • What is Shambhala?
  • Who is the Vajrasattva?
  • How can I benefit from these teachings?

To book your place, please email us at info@ritahraiz.com - Payment plans are possible.

The Life Story of Khentrul Rinpoché Jamphel Lodrö

Khentrul Rinpoché is considered to be the third incarnation of the great Kalachakra adept Ngawang Chözin Gyatso. From his humble beginnings as a nomadic yak herder, Rinpoché's life has exposed him to some truly extraordinary experiences. The following timeline highlights some of the key events which have helped shape the person he is today.

Khentrul Rinpoché Jamphel Lodrö is a dynamic teacher of Tibetan Buddhism whose bold and penetrating wisdom cuts through confusion to shine a light on our most essential nature. Emphasising a clear and direct approach to both study and practice, Rinpoché embodies the compassionate warrior ethic that has driven him to dedicate his life to propagating the profound teachings he has been so fortunate to receive.

Emerging into the modern world at the turn of the century, Khentrul Rinpoché is living proof that the Buddha’s teachings are alive and well in the snowy land of Tibet. Born during a time of great turmoil, Rinpoché was raised as a simple nomad, tending to his herd of yaks. Despite the many miraculous signs received by his parents, acting under advisement, the truth of just how special Rinpoché was remained hidden from the public for many years. It wasn’t until Rinpoché grew into a young adult that he made the decision to renounce all worldly activities in order to focus his energy on the Dharma.

Manifesting the Golden Age of Shambhala

The Enlightened Activities of Khentrul Rinpoché

The Kalachakra Tantra teaches that due to our connection to Shambhala, this world will one day experience a Golden Age. This result will only occur however, if the people of this world create the causes for it to arise. For this reason, Khentrul Rinpoché has dedicated his life to gathering the conditions to usher in a time of lasting peace and harmony.

Recognising that lasting genuine happiness is only possible through profound personal transformation, Khentrul Rinpoché’s main focus is to introduce the world to the unique path of the Kalachakra Tantra. Up until now, the complete teachings of this tradition have remained in Tibet where they have been preserved by the Jonang Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. It is Rinpoché’s mission to bring this wisdom into the world at a time when it is so desperately needed. There are four ways in which Rinpoche accomplishes this goal:

To Enquire

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