Top Ten Restaurants for Meatless Fridays by Eleanor Mancini

For the next 40 days, many of us Catholics or Christians commit to giving up meat on Fridays for the season of Lent. This is an important sacrifice, but what do you do when your friends or family want to go out to eat? Here are ten great restaurants, for nights on the town, that deliver on meat-free dinners.

1. Balter Beerworks

First, I think this is my favorite restaurant in Knoxville. It's perfect for families, dates, or nights on the town, in any season. The highlight of the meat-free menu is definitely the Baja fish tacos. Other highlights include a top-tier salmon salad, a great black-bean burger, and numerous other fish options.

2. Sunspot on UT Campus

Similar to Balter, but less crowded, Sunspot has excellent vegetarian options. They have great tacos, rock a black bean burger, and have surprisingly tasty tofu creations. My ultimate favorite is the fried avocado taco. So tasty!

3. Kaizen

For tasty Asian food and a funky atmosphere, head to Kaizen. Vegetarian and fish options range from tofu pad-thai, crispy eggplant appetizers, or shrimp noodle soups.

4. Yasseins Falafel House-

Yassein's is a Knoxville establishment. Set in downtown Knoxville, with a new location on N. Peters, Yassein’s veggie dishes are mostly based around their delicious falafel.

5. The Tomato Head

Another Knoxville classic, this restaurant has vegetarian options galore. My personal favorite is the roasted veggie sandwich- you can get any of their sandwiches veggified, though, if you want some diversity. Or opt for their classic pizzas, which can be made meatless just by asking the waiter.

6. Taste of Thai

This Thai restaurant is delicious. Curries with any seafood or tofu make the dishes completely Lent friendly.

7. Chivo Taqueria

We're back to tacos. This downtown join features fried shrimp, fried avocado, or grilled fish tacos, as well as numerous vegetarian sides.

8. Nama Sushi

For sushi, if that’s your thing, you can’t go wrong with Nama. With multiple locations throughout Knoxville, this is any easy spot to swing in on a fun night out. My favorite is any roll with tuna.

9. Most fast food joints- except Chik-fil-a!

Burger King's Vegetarian Impossible Burger

Now a days, with the Impossible Burger at Burger King locations throughout Knoxville, fish filets a-plenty, and a major increase in vegetarian menu options, you can find a meat-free meal at most of your favorite fast food locations.

10. Babalu Tapas and Tacos

A family favorite taco joint to close out this list. Don’t let the name fool you though, there’s much more than just tacos at this restaurant. Get a few tapas and starters, like signature guac, Rosti potatoes, or seared tuna, and you will be full for the night.


Created with an image by Kelsey Chance - "untitled image"