Odell Beckham Jr A young and up coming leader

Who is Odell?

Odell Beckham Jr is a world famous football player who plays for the new york giants in the NFL. He was drafted in the class of 2014 as the 12 pick in the first round as he came out of LSU football. He was looked at as being a good wide receiver option but we all found out he was more than good.

How is he leader and where is he a leader?

Odell first stepped into the big picture after a few months into the NFL, after making arguably the best catch the NFL and the sport of Football has ever seen, as he snagged a ball in the air with the tip of two fingers and came down for a touchdown. He is the leader for the New York Giants football organization and the NFL in general, because he is a very hard worker and does everything it takes to lead his team to the very top. When he fist entered the NFL it was hard for him he was just a young rookie learning how to survive in a big mans game, but than he became a star and not only that he carried his team on his back by becoming a big game player and a motivator for the team. He also does stuff outside of football to show how much of a leader he is such as visiting people suffering with life threating health problems and helping them recover and donating money for good causes. He is also a great leader many young and upcoming athletes look up to because of what he does, his jersey was the top seller in the NFL last season.

Why does Odell Lead?

Odell leads to help him and his teammates reach the grandest stage of them all in the NFL which is the Super Bowl, viewed by more the one hundred million viewers each year, and Odell wants to reach this stage and win it, in order to do this he needs he needs to continue his great leadership as a teammate and as a person off the field. He also leads to show all the kids under him to work hard and train hard so they can achieve what they want too do.

Am I Concerned about Odell's leadership?

Odell making a great catch for a TD!

Odell s only 24 years entering is third year in the league, so we don't know what can happen 10 years, he still has to prove him self more because he is young but he has already proven so much. A lot of past great NFL player who were great leaders weren't great leaders at the end of their careers mostly because they had to much pressure and the fame got to them, but I think Odell has what to be a great leader forever.

Questioning Odell!

Questions I will ask: 1.How do you feel being under so much pressure at this age? 2.Did you ever think you would make it this far? 3. Do you think you deserve this role? Why did I ask these questions: I chose to ask these questions because I think it will make Odell actually think and make him decide if he is a good leader or not? What would Odell answers be? I think Odell's response for question 1 would be," It's hard but I am up for any challenge anyone throws at me I work hard and train hard and that shows on the field". For questions 2 I think he would answer saying " I had a feeling I would be I wasn't sure that's why I put a extra 110% more than anyone else and now I am here". And finally for 3 I think he would say " Yes of course I do I worked hard for it and earned it its not easy you know". How would I contact Odell? My best shot at contacting Odell is through something like twitter and hopes that he sees it and my tweet gets lots of likes and retweets so he notices.


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