The new, all-in-one SV258 PRO The station you know. In a whole new edition!

SV 258 PRO is an easy to install and cost effective system for noise and vibration monitoring. The portable and battery powered system can be used for a variety of monitoring applications including construction site monitoring, tunneling and blasting. This portable system works great in noise & vibration monitoring applications related to construction sites and road traffic.

The ultimate all-in-one. Now with the ultimate Firmware

The new firmware simplifies setting up the station in accordance to international and local standards such as DIN 4150-3 or BS 7385-2. The biggest advantage of the new firmware is the real-time vibration events analysis in the unit either with FFT or 1/3 octave and direct comparison to criterion curves on-site. In practise this means that station can generate alarms within a couple of seconds.

Building Vibration Measurement MADE EASIER

SV 258 PRO User Guide

SV 258 PRO - Key Features

Press and Go!

- Simply turn on the system to start measurement automatically

Measurement of vibration at construction site is carried out for variety of purposes: problem recognition, control monitoring, documentation or diagnosis. Whatever the purpose, with SV258PRO station, vibration measurements have never been easier.

The four-channel system allows simultaneous measurement of vibrations in three axes and noise. Depending on the conditions the system can be powered from a main power source or an external solar panel.

Discover SV 258 PRO and its possibilities and check out how easy installation and measurements are!


Read the technical paper and find out real inputs of vibration induced by trains that were measured and obtained using the SV 258 PRO Monitoring Station.

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SvanNET Projects - Building Vibration Interface

SvanNET Projects provide a dedicated user interface that supports measurement methods based on Peak Particle Velocity and Dominant Frequency. Results are presented in the form of PPV time history (background data) and Event List. Each vibration event containing PPV value and its dominant frequency, the wave form and FFT spectrum can be easily printed in the form of a report.

SvanPC++ Building Vibration Module

SvanPC++ is an advanced PC software supporting SVANTEK measuring instruments including SV258 PRO Monitoring Station. Building Vibration Module provide a dedicated user interface that supports measurement methods based on Peak Particle Velocity and Dominant Frequency. Software provide tools for analisis of vibration velocity measurements with reference curves in accordance to commonly used standards such as DIN 4150-3 or BS 7385-2.

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