Global Warming The Earth has a fever, and man is the Virus

Global Warming has been Effecting our world for years, causing a major damage to our environment. The worst thing about it is we can't take any of it back. This best thing we can do to save our earth, is to pay attention to what we do to the environment.

This video is the effect we have been causing to our planet over 135 years. Did you know that since the Industrial Revolution, the burning of fossil fuels has added an additional 24 billion tons of carbon per year? An average school bus only weighs about 8 tons. We release about the weight of 192 billion school buses worth of carbon per year and this is just the additional amount of carbon we realease.

Ozone depletion

This is the amount of ozone in the arctic since 1980-2001

What is The oZone layer?

The ozone layer is a cover of the Earth's stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation. Demonstration: Imagine it like a sponge, the ozone layer absorbs bits of radiation hitting Earth from the sun. Even though we need some of the sun's radiation to live, too much of it can damage living things. The ozone layer acts as a shield for life on Earth.


The cause of the disruption of the ozone layer is the increase in carbon to our atmosphere. Many of this carbon release is caused by humans from the driving of automobiles and factory pollution. Clathrates, a solid form of methane, are frozen in the sea and can be released by the change of temperature. Methane will release gas into the atmosphere and are more detrimental than carbon dioxide to global warming

How it effects us and the environment

The ozone layer is a major protection from harmful UV radiation. If the ozone layer in the stratosphere was never existing, it would cause the sunlight to reach the ground and would damage DNA and other molecules.

Us: Increases UV exposure which can lead to skin cancer.

Environment: The warming of the ocean will melt the ice in the arctic causing the sea level to rise and habitats to decrease. As the seawater continues to move farther towards land, it can cause erosion, flooding, soil contamination, and polar habitats to decrease.

What can I do?

  • Car pooling would reduce the amount of carbon emissions released into the air.
  • Walking or riding a bike does not cause smog, which deteriorates the atmosphere. If someone must use a car, then a better option would be to change the car's engine to an electric zero-emission or hybrid engine.
  • CFCs (compounds composed of carbon, fluorine, and chlorine atoms, as a growing man made source of stratospheric chlorine) cause 80 percent of ozone depletion. CFCs are found in car air conditioners, refrigerator fluid and foam insulation.
  • Household cleaners that contain CFCs are used for camera lenses and electronic equipment. Many people use herbicides and pesticides to get rid of pests and weeds in their gardens. In 1998, the Sierra Club pointed out that the pesticide chemical methyl bromide was the cause for between 5 and 10 percent of global ozone depletion.

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