A Crazy Ride My life

******Me as a baby*******

This is my oldest brother holding me the day I was born
This is my birth certificate
This hangs in my garage, all my brothers have some like this but in blue.

My life BEGAN on December 2 ,2004 in Texas. Where I entered with a LOVELY mother a caring father and my two older brothers.

This is when I was a day old
This picture is my baby announcements. In this picture my mom states I was 3 weeks old.
I was 6 days old
I was 11 days old
This is me playing at my house
This is at my granddads house.
This is my second birthday
This is my family then
This is Go Go
This is with my grandmother who died a couple years ago from cancer.
This was less than a year old.
This was when I was 2
This is at Easter
This is me in the swing in my backyard
This is in my grandma/grandpa backyard.(1 and a half years old)
I was 3
This is me holding my little brother when he was born
This is me with my cousin
Me and my dad took a lot of pics like this this is a day before my birthday
This is when we moved to the house we live in now
This is me and my dad
we go to the same pumpkin patch when we did then
This is my dad
This is my two brothers and my two cousins

I don't remember much when I was little but I know my dad moved out around when I was five or four. I lived with my mom and three brothers.(Oldest to youngest is Austin,David,Parker) This is what I lived with and got use to it. Now you will see me at seven at many different locations!

Me as seven

This photo is one of my favorites it is when I got my first tablet and took the first pic on it.
This is at my lake house in the lake

I went on a vacation with my dad and brothers and drove in a RV for about 3 days but took a lot of stops. Here is where we went.

A street play

This was when I was going to the Grand Caynon with my dad we took a stop at a street play. (7 years old)

The four corners

Another stop before the Grand Canyon. This was at the four corners. (7 years old)

Finally the Grand Canyon

We are now at the Grand Canyon with my brothers.
This is when I lost my first tooth.(7 years old)
I caught this fish at my dads apartment. We went fishing a lot.
In this one I have a little tattoo on my arm.(7 years old)
Going to school in the truck.
This was at Easter when I was seven and all dressed up.
This is at Halloween
When I was little I would aways dressed up as a devil when I was little at Halloween
I'm guessing that I built these with my dad
This was at my dads house in the fall


Me, Parker, and Cole built this
First day of school
This is at Easter
This is another Easter
This is me and my cousin we dressed alike when we were together a lot
My mom went to TSU and that is in Tarleton and we went on the campass
This is my little brother Parker
This is my softball team at this age
We would take pictures on this tree when we moved into this neighborhood that did not last very long


This is at one of our family vacations
This is at my house in the pool
This picture is of me atfer swimming
That is my grandpa holding a chick down so we could touch it


This is in bed atone of our family vacations
We went to this place don't know what to call it but it had giant chess pieces and a giant chess board painted on the ground
We went to a beach house
Thus is my family with my step dad
This is all my cousins at the time


My mom did her hair for the first time and to play around me and my cousin did it to
We got ice cream sandwiches right after this
Here is the ice cream sandwiches
Here's me after I was swimming
I was just playing around here
This is where we took pictures that year
I love tis picture there are 4 boys with there arms up in the middle then 2 girls on each side of them then on each side of the girls there is 1 boy.


This was when I was in the hospital
This is having a visit
This is when we were going to Florida
This is going to my step grand fathers house
This is at the blue man group
That is a real snake
We were in Disney World
Here is us and the castle
In the backyard
This is in Starfish Island Belize
Me swimming on a cruise
Me and my cousin swimming on the cruise
This is at my moms wedding
This is at dinner one night
This is first day of school
Still first day of school


We were in Hot Springs Arkansas
This was when we went golfing there
We do this every year on our family vacations
This was still golfing
This was a pretty view

This was my Crazy Ride

This is my life now my mom had twins, I didn't have much pictures with my dad but he also got remarried to my stepmom, who already had a kid(Lily) and they had a kid(Delaney) together so they have two girls. Then my mom got married and had twins or two boys. This is all of my brothers/sisters now. (Oldest to Youngest!)


I go here in my family


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