The U.S. on the Syrian gas Attack By Marcus Cobleigh

Suspected Gas Attack in Syria reportedly kills dozens

World leaders were in awe when a gas attack happened in Syria. Many Syrians died from asphyxiation. Symptoms were pale eyes, sweating, narrow pupils, and very intense respiratory detachments. Assad's military denies anything on the gas attack on civilians and blames the rebels for the destruction. The United States, the U.K., and France have come up with a resolution regarding the Syrian gas attack.

U.S. launches missile strike on Syria in response to the gas attack

The United States launched 59 missiles in response to the Syrian gas attack. The United States attacked an airfield with 59 Raytheon tomahawk missiles from 2 navy destroyers in the Mediterranean. The United States mostly targeted hangers, planes, fuel tanks, ammo storage, and air-defense systems. The deputy UN ambassador for Russia thought this attack would have "negative effects" on the United States. The U.S. and Russia soon negotiated an agreement for Assad to hand over his chemical weapons.

U.S accuses Russia of role in Syria war crimes

To the United States, Russia has been "providing cover" for Assad and the regime causing 87 deaths. Russia can soon face reprocussions for involvement in the Syrian gas attack. Russian and Iran, including their allies, say the United States have crossed a "red line" by launching 59 tomahawk missiles. Some say that the Russians are the one who are responsible for the deaths in Syria in the attack. But for the United States to get rid of Assad, they need to get Russian agreement.

My opinion on the gas attack is that Assad did use chemical weapons with the aid of Russia. I believe that Russia helped supply Assad and the regime with the chemical weapons used in the attack. This action isn't legal because the harm and trauma it can do to a person is immense. The United States response to this was retaliation. The U.S. launched 59 tomahawk missiles to Syria.

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