Feminism Lucrezia, Niccolò and Edoardo


This is the manifesto for the women. There is something unique about them. They are precious in so many ways. They are like gem stones. Those that look like normal, worthless stones. But women, like those rocks, once opened, enclose wonderful crystals. Unfortunately in our society the women are considered useless, nobody notices the crystals they behold. It is not to forget that those rocks are strong. The most forceful rock existing is the diamond. But the diamond is rare, unique--so are our women. Alike diamonds, women's characteristics are different from men's but just as important. Their strength and quality is just as important. They are symbols of pure beauty. Don't let people think of a diamond as a useless rock. The diamond is more like a jewel, and each one is unique.


the roots of feminism date back to ancien Greece, while there are three most known waves, the third of which is the one that is currently rising.

The first wave took place around 1850. In that period, the actions of the suffragettes, the women fighting for their rights, were mostly secret. Their goal was to "gain political power", including the right to vote, and to acquire equality also on an economical level, "equal contract".

The seed was planted that women have the potential to contribute just as much if not more than men.

The second wave, started after the end of WW2, in 1945. During the 1950, women made it their primary goal to reach equality in workplace, sexuality, family and reproductive rights. It was essential that during the time when USA was trying to restructure itself, also women took advantage of the situation to meet their new goal.

The third wave. In this period the term"feminism" is seen less critically than in the past. The original suffragette party decided in many subcategories, such as: the ego-cultural feminists, the radicals, the liberal/reforms, the electoral, academic, ecofeminists…. Their current goal to end the disparities that still exist between men and women. In particular regarding payment and the end of violence against the women.





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