Covenants Covenant between god and Moses

So what is a covenant and why did God create them
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Interview With Moses

reporter: I am here at the desert of Sanai in front of Mt Sanai and I am here at the campsite of Moses and his rebellion. Moses how did you get to mount Sinai and why are you here

Moses: I have been walking here with all the Israelites for over 40 years. I am here because because god spoke to me and told me to the lead the Israelites out of Egypt because they had been enslaved and treated badly.

Reporter: what did God say to you once you reached the desert of Sanai

Moses: he told me to pass on a message to the descendants of Jacob and the people of Israel that the almighty god has freed us from Egypt and now if we obey him and keep our covenant with him then we will be his treasured possession (Ex 19:3-7).

Reporter: What did the people respond with

Moses: They said that they will do everything the lord asked them to do so I told the lord their answer to his question. He told me to consecrate them today and tomorrow and be ready by the third day. Then on the third day he will come down in the sight of all the people. He also told me to make boundaries beyond the base of the mountain and that if any person or any animal touches the foot of the mountain then they shall be put to death (ex 19:8-14)

Reporter: when can you approach the mountain

Moses: we can only approach the mountain when we hear the long blast of a ram’s horn (ex 19:13-14)

Reporter: what are you waiting for now

Moses: I am waiting for the trumpet to sound so I can speak to the Lord

Reporter: how will you now uphold this covenant you have made with god

Moses: the Israelites and I will forever love the Lord and do as he tell us to.

Reporter: well that’s it. WHAT determination and respect Moses has for God. He and the people of Israel have been walking for 40 years just to receive a message from the lord and to uphold their covenant with him. Thank you for your time and I hope that that trumpet sounds soon and I wish you all the luck with your covenant between you and the lord.

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