America is The GOAT Andrew Contla p.1

America is the greatest of all time. We throughout history have been the greatest country and have set the example for others to follow. Granted we have made mistakes but we have learned from those mistakes and have grown to be the greatest nation there has ever been.
Historical evidence #1: Our United States Constitution is the best among all countries. Most country's constitutions last on average of 20 years and ours has lasted a few hundred years. What I believe that makes our constitution great is how simple it is and how it clearly lays out our rights of citizens. It has influenced other countries constitutions and the United Nations human rights.
Historical evidence #2: Throughout history Americans have been the most inventive and inginuitive people in the world. Inventions spanning from the telephone, to the airplane, and the internet. Without American inventors the world wouldn't be what it is today.
Historical evidence #3: What I believe makes our country so great is our Men and Women who serve and protect this country every day and risk their lives to make sure mine is okay. Our police officers make millions of arrests ever year and clean our streets of crime.
My art piece shows how America is the greatest of all time. It includes pictures from the events I have presented. I created a marble rollercoaster to represent the "rollercoaster" of history in America begging with its creation of the US Constitution, its inventions, and our modern day police force. My police force event is represented by the thin blue line flag as my base.

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