Rudi's Journey through the Forest Ch.23 ch.24 ch.25 by Laney

Ch.23 Josef's Return

It had been months they spent with Anna at her house. While their at Anna's house Rudi had been working on the farm, and Ingrid was getting really better too. One day Rudi and Ingrid were outside and someone who rudi recognized was coming near them, it was Josef. Then at dinner rudi and Josef were both aurguing and suddenly, as Josef got up Sasha attacked Josef.

Ch. 24 A Hard Decision

One night Rudi was laying in bed knowing what to do, leave Anna's house and if he didn't Josef might tell the Germans that he was at Anna's house. So the next day, before Rudi went away, Rudi made some more pencils for Ingrid. Josef stayed in the barn so Rudi went to the barn and said to Josef. If anything happens to Anna and her farm I will come after you.

Ch.25 The Passing of Night

In the woods Rudi heard a loud voice that he recognized. So Rudi hid behind the bush and looked to see who it was. When Rudi looked it was Oscar with two other men, and some German soldiers that have been captured. When Rudi saw he jumped out and said Oscar! Oscar pointed his gun at Rudi and said do you remember what I told you. To not startle someone in the forest with a gun. So Rudi and Oscar talked for a while. Oscar and Rudi were going back to Anna's house but Rudi wanted to go back to Warsaw to go look for his


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