Holy People of the Middle Age by brooke turner

Pope Leo IX

When leo became pope, he aimed to to get rid of what he believed as Churches evil

Leo led an army to banish the Normans but was captured and held for 9 months

The Great Schism was led by Leo and split the eastern and western christian churches in 1054

St. Dominic

St Dominic knew people weren’t impressed by catholic preachers riding on horses and retinues

St Dominic started a community in 1215 by finding a religious house at Toulouse

St Dominic was focused on getting out and showing God’s love

St. Francis of Assisi

St Francis of Assisi created an order for members to take a vow of poverty and worship God

St Francis of Assisi heard the voice of God so abandoned life of luxury

St Francis of Assisi was left with the marks Jesus suffered when he was crucified


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