LEAP Quarterly Volume 2 Issue 2, January 2017

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first newsletter of 2017. As you scroll through, look out for a video on "STANDING OUT" and our Student Spotlight featuring our LEAP seniors. Enjoy.

Strengths: What's the big deal?

Have you been asked what your strengths are?

Typically students respond with "Achiever, Woo, Strategic and...um... I don't remember the other two."

Why does Lee University, and other organizations and institutions emphasize the importance of strengths, talents, and uniqueness? The better question is "why not?"

Many believe that the way to improve and succeed is to turn one's weaknesses into strengths.

But let's be real. How can one turn laziness into a strength?

Now, it is very important to know your weaknesses and find ways to manage them but sometimes, we get so focused on what we are not that we forget what we are. In our previous issue (link at the bottom of the page), we talked about how student success is heavily dependent on a sense of belonging. The questions now are, "does the desire of belonging suppress our God-given individuality," or, "have we allowed the fear of not belonging to outweigh our desire to be unique?" It is important to remember that,

We are like ALL, like SOME, like NONE.

This video challenges us to dare to be different. So, the next time someone asks you to list your strengths, be proud to be the strategic, competitive, restorative or futuristic individual that you are.

If you are interested in more of her videos, visit her YouTube channel: Xandria Ooi

LEAP Seniors Speak Out

Cassandra Harris

Cassandra Harris is a senior majoring in Early Childhood Education with a Digital Media Minor.

Spending two years as a missionary in Bangladesh after high school sparked Cassandra's interest in helping children. Her career aspiration is to teach underprivileged children both here in the States and overseas. Cassandra also intends on using her digital media background for creative teaching methods.

"LEAP has helped me succeed and thrive at Lee. I have made more connections with other students and attended LEAP-sponsored workshops that helped me plan my future."
"LEAP pushes me to get out of my comfort zone, and I am very grateful for this program."

Like several seniors at Lee, Cassie struggled with schoolwork and many times, felt defeated. Although she questioned her desire to pursue a college degree, Cassie spent a lot of time studying and never failed to ask for help. During one of her greatest challenges as a college student, she realized that:

"Teachers and tutors are willing to help but they can’t help unless they know you need it."

Juggling several roles as a LEAP student, Peer Mentor and an active member of Zeta Chi Lambda, Cassie is convinced that hard work is akin to success. To her,

"Success cannot be obtained by being lazy."

Cassandra Harris performing at the Annual Parade of Favorites, November 2016.

Alex Staup

Alex Staup is a senior majoring in History with minors in Political Science and Religion.

Alex came to Lee as a transfer student, which resulted in one of the hardest transitions of his life:

"I had never visited Lee. I didn't know anyone or much about Lee's campus and its values, but I felt a call to come."

He struggled with making connections at the institution, but God's faithfulness and the tireless encouragement of many helped him grow. Succeeding at Lee for Alex meant striving to be his best while using challenges as an opportunity for growth.

"My meetings with my LEAP Coach have proven to be treasured times to reflect and set goals while intentionally catering to my needs and interests."

Along with his involvement in LEAP, Alex is also the current chair of the Student Leadership Council, a floor leader at New Hughes hall, and a student worker in the First-Year Programs and Student Development offices.

Alex believes college is a remarkable time for students to enhance and learn in order to write a story of their own while adding to the greater Story of Christ. In Dan Allender's words:

"Take seriously the story that God has given you to live. It’s time to read your own life, because your story is the one that could set us all ablaze."

After graduation, Alex hopes to complete a Master of Arts in Teaching here at Lee. He intends to teach history and government at the high school level.

Alex Staup serving as a co-host in the Transfer Student Luncheon on Lee Day, April 2016.


Featured Workshop: Latte in the Library

Facilitated by Lee's very own faculty and staff, this series of events is catered to college student success. Last fall, Golden Madume, the Assistant Director of the Center for Calling and Career focused on the hidden strengths within one's strength.

Titled The Introverted Woo, the discussion began with background information on the Clifton Strengths Finder and its current day application. Subsequently, students were able to ask questions about their strengths in relation to academics, relationships and career preparation. Other "Latte in the Library" offerings were presented by Dr. Patricia McClung and Dr. Louis Morgan.

Spring 2017 Workshop Calendar

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