Science Spark Landan Provino


Science is the study of Living Things, Space, flowers, rocks, minerals, fossils, Animals, humans, machines, and any other question that can be proven with science. They can study these things because they have special tools and machines like the telescope, magnifying glass, scale, ruler, Beackers, and many more things.
science can study how old a animal is by identifying the animals bones and other body parts. science can't study religious events and people or mythical creatures with out proof.
a living thing such as humans animals plants need food, exercise, home/shelter, needs to grow, need to betaken care, and sunlight, without these things animals, people, plants could not be able to live
animals are structured with legs, arms, fins,wings etc. to move around, eyes so they can see, ears so they can hear predators, mouth so they can eat and drink. animals behave like humans they can be angry miss prey, sad got hurt, happy if catches prey, excited about to get a meal. plants are structured with flower so bees can get pollen and leafs to get water. stem, roots, Etc.
A model is a replica of something or like a built plan so they can know what the real thing will be like. a model is built to explain and good things about models are that you can change stuff then the real thing can be made.
systems of the body are systems that help your body operate properly and protect it from bacteria Etc. without the systems we would not run properly.


Created with images by Eric J Holmes - "Scope" • Ruth and Dave - "California burger" • sheilaellen - "Aligator" • Naval History & Heritage Command - "MODEL, SHIP, SILVER, CHINESE" • Ryan Somma - "Human Body Slices"

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