Western Blvd Lunch Steals Claire campbell and Julia kocsis

Action: Claire orders a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Cup A Joe for Mrs. Hornick.
Reaction: Claire poses happily with her drink that she bought for less than five dollars.
Environmental Portrait: Cookout offers a variety of cheap food and outdoor seating.
Rule of Thirds: Dunkin Donuts offers donuts that are only $0.95 each and coffees to help get students through tiring days.
Repetition: Claire and Julia enjoy their drinks from Wendy's.
Interesting Angle: The Bojangles sign advertises a great deal on the Cajun Filet Combo for under five dollars.
Fills Frame: Wendy's has a new promotion for a five dollar chicken tenders combo that includes fries and a drink.
Backlight: Wendy's is a popular off-campus destination because of its proximity to ADHS and variety of inexpensive food choices.
Leading Lines: Western Blvd. boasts many choices for students going off campus for lunch.
Blurring Motion: Cookout trays are the most popular lunch item from Cookout because of how much food they include for the price.

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