Buy Local Challenge Day One

Today kicks off the buy local challenge. The Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission started the challenge to encourage eating locally grown or raised products for each day.

Lucky for me, I live in Calvert County that has lots of farms that sell to consumers. You have your large farms as well as your backyard farmers. To kick off my challenge I am spotlighting a small farmer, Aimee Darling. You might have seen her postings on facebook where she shows off her chickens.

Courtsey Aimee Darling

"I grew up helping my friends on their farms in Minnesota and always wanted a farm of my own." Aimee explains. " I had to settle for a farmette." Old McDarling Farm has 31 hens and 6 ducks. On average, she gets about 22 eggs a day.

Curtosey Aimee Darling

That's a lot of eggs for just one family so she starting selling her eggs to neighbors. Aimee loves her new customers saying " It just happened to grow into a fanatic network of people who love farm fresh eggs so it was a win win." She recently starting taking her eggs to the Deale Farmers Market. Can't make the farmers market? You can message her on facebook for a dozen eggs.

I was so excited to get my fresh eggs. I have always thought they tasted better than your grocery story variety. As we were sitting there talking about the eggs, I heard a cackle. Aimee looked at me and said oh that's an egg. That's right she knows when her hens are laying eggs and she can tell you who made the noise.

So instead of large chicken houses with hundreds of hens laying eggs, Aimee has just a few chicken coops. She knows each of her hens and cares for them 24/7.

Back to the eat local challenge. My family loves fresh pasta. So I thought fresh eggs... why not pasta.

Greg Beckman's Pasta Recipe

  • Mix Together 2 Cups Sifted Flour and 2 Pinches of Salt
  • Add in 2 Farm Fresh Eggs and 1/4 cup of water.
  • Knead the Dough Together
  • Put in Refrigerator for an Hour
  • Cut Pasta

The pasta did not disappoint and you won't be disappointed by buying farm fresh eggs from Aimee. You can find her on facebook under Old McDarling's Farm. She's located right off Jewell Road in Dunkirk. Or message me and I will get you in touch with her.

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