Good Life Tour of the Harn Sara Myers

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist: The piece "Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II" was one that stood out for me as it is in one of my favorite art styles of painting without hyper realism. Seeing this piece in person made it stand out much more to me as the bright colors really stand out against the simplicity of the rest of the museum, which is an experience I wouldn't have gotten had I seen a photo of the piece online somewhere. The piece communicated the livelihood and color of midnight cities such as Tokyo and New York. It also reminded me of one of my favorite songs by titled "Midnight City" by M83, which has tones and sounds that always paint a picture like this one when I listen to it, especially when driving home at night. The piece gave me a sense of calm, as driving in the middle of the night through the colors and lights of a big city is something that always relaxed me as I was raised with that experience coming after a good day was done. ---"Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II" by Yvonna Jacquette
Design of the Museum: The Wing of the museum that I found the most appealing was the Wing of Asian Art as it was the most open and had the most windows. It also had more smaller pieces in cases which I have always liked particularly more than larger pieces. It allowed for you to see the intricate designs of the very small pieces which makes them much easier to appreciate. Also the arrangement of the art by country and region made it easy to follow. It instilled in my a strong sense of Wanderlust as the multitude of cultures in Asia have always drawn me to want to travel to Asia. ---Wing of Asian Art; The Harn
Art and Core Values: This piece, titled "Family" appealed to my core value of family and faith. I saw this piece from across the showroom and recognized it as a family immediately. It reminded me of a small porcelain piece that my Grandmother gave my mom when I was first born, of a woman holding a child. I was the first child of my parents, grandchild of my grandmother, and great grandchild of my great grand parents so this piece reminded me of how being the first child helped me to grow. It reminded me to call my mom, and to remember that wherever I go I am not alone. ---"Family" by Agustin Cardenas
Art and the Good Life: The piece that I chose to convey a Good Life theme is the piece titled "Seated Figure." The theme conveyed is embodying, as this woman is shapely and curvy, a body type that is not seen very often in today's media. Personally, my body has always been curvier than seen in conventional media and art like this reminds me that whatever body I have is a good one as long as it's healthy. It also shows how society has moved the conventions of beauty as time has gone on. ---"Seated Figure" by John Storrs
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