Hello Maple Families; I hope everyone is safe and doing well. We are working with a lot of enthusiasm and enjoying every moment in our classroom while having fun, this week we end the month of September with very fun activities. Please take a moment and read our scribbles. We are having a lot of fun and are learning a lot of new things. We will start this weeks Scribbles with Science.


The children are learning the body parts in a fun way ; using a puzzle. The children placed the puzzle to the body picture.


This month is very amusing, since we learned how to count with apples, from one to 5, the children also enjoyed counting the bears of different colors. We used numbered puzzles. Counting with apples is the kids favorite way to learn. Learning math by counting apples is fun. The children enjoy this activity by working on their rug. Here are the children beginning to identify numbers, number words, counting, one-to-one correspondence.


Another fun activity for children is doing art. They love each color and enjoy painting with brushes, they also use stamps, they learn colors in a fun way as well as helping their visual perception. As they move their brushes in a variety of directions (from side to side , up and down, circular) the success of painting incredible.


The children love learning the fruits names. It is very important for them to know the different names of the fruits. Here we are learning the sound of the first letter of the fruit in a fun way. We are also learning colors of each fruit. They are working using object-to-letter matching, which is a fun way to develop vocabulary, concentration, visual discrimination, and connection development.


The children are having a lot of fun by using the knobbed cylinders, which is designed to assist the children in making distinctions in their immediate environment. It primarily engages the senses of touch and sight. The children are also enjoying the card matching as well as the fruit activity shown below.


The children love to learn about things they will need in the future. We are working with tongs and learning how to properly use them. This will also increase their strength in their hands. We are also learning how to pour from one cup to another. Cutting fruits such as shown below is a very fun activity for the children and they love it so much. As you can also see, we are also teaching the children how to properly roll their rugs, and how to walk around their rugs.

We will finish up this weeks Scribbles with a very fun and enjoyable activity the children did outside while we had nice weather.

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing their children doing all the fun activities. Have a great and safe week!

Mrs. Gómez (✿◠‿◠)