Trench Warfare Survival Guide Joseph Kivler

Gas Mask

WWI Gas Mask by Luz28 is licensed under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

The gas mask was an important tool of WWI because one of the weapons they used in WWI was toxic gases. This mask would help filter the air to make it so you could breathe better with all of the toxic gases. You would need this if you wanted to survive.

Medical Kit

US field medical kit by Daderot is licensed under public domain

A medical kit would be another very important tool of World War 1. This is because if you got injured you could stop yourself from bleeding out or getting infected. Not only that but you could stop your allies from bleeding out as well.


Browning Automatic Rifle by U.S. Marine Corps licensed under public domain

One tool that is essential is a gun. These weapons would be so essential because they are probably the best way to defend yourself. Not only that but you would be at a high disadvantage if the enemies had them but you did not.

Steel Helmet

Romania steel helmet, Model 1915 Adrian type by Daderot licensed under public domain

In the war, steel helmets were very important. This was because of their ability to protect against shrapnel. It was also useful for protecting against other enemy fire as well.


German military shovel by Janmad licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

Another useful tool to have in World War 1 was anything that would help you dig trenches. These tools were so useful because making trenches was one of the only ways to survive. They also would be useful for digging to enemy trenches.

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Created with images by Seattle Municipal Archives - "Ship loading at Pier 39, probably 1946"

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