The Brain To thine own self be true

Once apon a time there was two people that loved each other .............but didnt know it .

Blake found out that she had a brain tumor .....and Cameron was a blood match

the xray of truth

When asked Cameron ignored and wanted to let Blake out of her misery

Cameron is upset

Cameron is ashamed that he would think of that and not give Blake blood .

Time is getting shorter ......

Blake doesn't have much time .......

She is in the hospital getting sicker Cameron feels bad ....

Blake dies the next day.......

Time has flashed before Camerons eyes ............

He so upset that he didn't give her blood but he was true to himself.

The end:(


Created with images by Hey Paul Studios - "Brain Embroidery" • AdinaVoicu - "couple lavender love" • - "Solar Eclipse Through Brain Scan" • FootMassagez - "Depression, Dark, Sad- Credits to" • ♫ joyousjoym~ Blessings♥ - "yet we soar" • cristhianelouback0 - "makeup chemotherapy woman" • lwpkommunikacio - "32902_Ep304_006.jpg" • Foundry - "life beauty scene" • ** RCB ** - "a certain kind of sadness" • FootMassagez - "Topless Man Covering Face - Credits to"

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