UK Air Pollution By: EMily Kanabrocki

We know this problem exists because The Department of the Environment measures the levels of pollution in the air, and in most parts of the UK the levels are higher than they should be. This is a problem for the UK because in the European Union more than 400,000 people die prematurely every year as a result of poor air quality.
The cause for all this pollution is mainly, the dust being blown up from the Sahara desert carried here and the toxins that come out of diesel cars. By 2020, they are planning to make Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby, and Southampton all clean air zones. The zones try encouraging people to use Eco-friendly cars, by giving them things like better parking, lower parking charges, and priority at traffic lights. They also will make restrictions on really old, polluting commercial vehicles.
For my solution, I plan to add on to the original plan/idea they have. I think they should make their whole country a clean air zone. Currently they only have some cities planned to become clean air zones. So that diesel cars will have to pay higher parking fares and the Eco-friendly cars will get more benefits. Also, diesel cars will cost more money and have higher taxes on them. This will encourage the population to buy an Eco-friendly car because they will then get more benefits.
In order for this to take place, we need the government to approve doing this. After the government approves it, we need to slowly start making cities clean zones until the whole country is. What the human population can do is they can buy more products like Eco-friendly cars and limit their consumption of things produced in factories that produce lots of smoke. I think that people will be mad at first because they wont want to buy a new car, but after they see how much better it is for the environment and how bad diesel cars are, they will accept it.
In Europe, hundreds of thousands of people die each year because of the polluted dirty air they breathe. More than 90% of the UK’s population breathe highly polluted air on a daily basis. At this rate, people will continue to die and the air quality is going to get so bad that people wont be able to breathe the air.


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