Scar Island Dan Gemeinhart

The overall place/location in my book is on an island far kinda close to the coast of a state or country. As a reader, I would imagine it as like a small island that is part of the state/country. I would feel like the place was built there for confinement of to be somewhere alone with not many people there. I would feel like the place would want to be isolated for some reason or another.
There is only one specific location that happens so far in the book. This location is an island called Scar Island, on top of the island is a school. I believe it's called Scar Island because of the prison that was built long ago for maniacs and criminally insane. But now it's a school for troubled boys called Slabhenge Reformatory School for troubled boys.
My novel takes place as modern-day time. This is because they have modern-day items and the locations could be non-fiction or could really happen. This makes me feel like this could happen later on in the future, which makes me afraid. It makes me afraid because while reading the book so far, the way/condition the school is in and the way the boys are treated are kinda cruel in my opinion.

The geography in this book seems dark, rainy and isolated from society. The weather is rough and harsh, because the book states that the island used to have a beach and the front stairs would run all the way down the the beach. But what happened was that the rough waves have eroded the place down and almost all the stairs are submerged in the ocean water. The weather is also rainy/stormy because of all the puddles of water it says lays on the courtyard and the storm that happened with the lighting that killed all of the adults

The population is very little, with all boys. The kinds of people who live there are the male adults, and the troubled boys. In total there are only 24 people on the island all together, there were 8 adults and 16 boys. I would feel very lonely because I like to be social to many people so being on the island with little people would make me feel lonely.
Some specific objects are motor boats, telephone, stove, fridge and freezer. The motor boat was used when Jonathan came was riding over the ocean to Slabhenge, the telephones was not used but was mentioned about how the Admiral got rid of the telephone for no communication, the stove was used to cook breakfast for all the adults, and the fridge and freezer was used to store food and the adults dead bodies so they didn't rot. Clothing that was used was a one grey piece uniform that went from the boys necks to there ankles, it reminded Jonathan of a prison uniform, but a grey color.
The overall mood and atmosphere was somber and very drained with color. Parts of the setting that created this overall mood was the way the author described what the tower looked like seemed very depressing, "The room had no window, lamp, etc. it was pitch black". Also the way it looked from the outside, everything was all dark and grey with barely any sun because the tower was blocking it out.

The setting affects the story so far because this shows how the setting can affect how the character is feeling. For example, when Jonathan was locked up in his tiny cell room, in the pitch black, he had started crying for what he had done. I believe that the setting of where he was also affected how he felt. Because the place was dark, his mood was gloomy and dark as well.


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