The Alchemist Noah Costine P. 6

“We are afraid of losing what we have, whether it’s our life or our possessions or our property. But this fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and the history of the world were written by the same hand.” pg. 79
Santiago had to let go of everything he had in order to follow his personal destiny. He had to let go of the familiar surroundings, his sheep, and the people he knew. So did the camel driver, who is the person said this quote. Both Santiago and the camel driver were afraid of letting go. This also follows through life lessons because sometimes you have to let go of things in order to progress. just as the saying, you gotta spend money in order to make money.
“Fatima was more important than his treasure” pg. 98
It shows that he is now truly in love and that he wants to abandon his destiny. Since Santiago has now found his true love, he wants to abandon his destiny because he thinks that Fatima was his treasure. Just as in real life, sometimes you get comfortable with something and don't want to leave it for more risk.
“You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it’s better to listen to what it has to say” pg. 134
This applies to both santiago and real life, whatever your heart desires I believe you should chase your dreams because if your heart wants it, then your soul want it. If you want to give up on your dream your heart won’t give up on it. Santiago's heart knows what his personal legend is, and it will always call him back to it. Santiago needs to tame his heart, create a saddle, and ride it all the way to the end of his personal legend.
“It is this: that at a certain point in our lives we lose control of what is happening to us, and that our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie” (Pg. 10).
The king of Melchizedek said this. By saying that this is a lie, the king is implying that all humans have the ability to control their future. This stood out to me because Relationship or addition to the personal legend. I believe that we control our lives for the most part and that it's not controlled by an outside force.
“I want to get to my sheep faster.”
This shows that the boy no longer wants to follow his dream and that he regrets ever trying to do so. He feels that there is no longer hope in following his dream because it doesn't exist. All he wants to do is go back home and become a shepherd once again. Sometimes, in life people experience this same thing but you just have to keep pushing.
“Don’t think about what you left behind.” pg. 127
In order to further progress through his personal destiny, he must forget about all he left behind and face the trials of the present. As talked about before, the soul of the world will test you a lot when following your personal destiny and so you must forget about the past in order to pass these tests and trials.


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