Good Life FLMNH Kenneth Lee

The exhibit that appealed to me the most was the butterfly exhibit. It is an outdoor exhibit that is fairly large and its screened in so sunlight and rain can get in which mimics the wild. I thought it was really cool how the exhibit was outside and how I got to see butterflies in their natural habitat. Walking around their habitat was the best as it allowed for a first hand experience to see all different types of butterflies in one enclosure. One thing I learned from watching them in person is just how big some of them were. It's usually hard to scale pictures in a book but when you look at them in real life you get to see how big and colorful all of them are. This particular exhibit was my favorite because the butterflies weren't truly in captivity and made me realize just how many species of butterflies there are. The flora and fauna also greatly added to the authentic experience.

This picture of butterfly cocoons in a lab showed me the consequences of human activity and how we are conquering land that isn't just our own. Millions of butterfly species are endangered due to habitat loss and its labs like these that are trying to preserve species before they are gone forever. This lab that is visible to all instilled a sense of guilt in me as we humans are responsible for all this. These labs wouldn't need to exist in the first place if we didn't just plow away land. This also goes for a bigger picture as not only butterflies, but also every other animal that shares its habitat is being endangered by humans. We should be respecting the land and keeping in mind that we all share the earth together as equals.

This skeleton of the giant American land sloth was one of the most interesting exhibits I saw. It takes me to a different point of time where giant animals used to rule this earth and humans were no where in sight. When I thought of sloths I always thought of small furry creatures but seeing this animal blew me away. This animal was at least 20 feet tall and weighed tons. In museums I'm always reminded how small and insignificant humans really are. There are giant animals like these that roamed the earth, parts of the ocean that we still don't understand, and a history of earth that scientists still can't explain. It is very humbling to us because we think we are in control of nature and not the other way around.

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