Once upon a time, there was a very nice family that lived in Loveland, OH.

They worked very hard and treasured their free time with their family. Their family was starting to grow as their children started to have children of their own. They needed a magical place at the beach to relax and unwind and enjoy their family.

this porch looks so...relaxing

And it would be wonderful if that magical place had a pool.

Like this one!

And if it was close to the beach, that would make some of them VERY happy.

only 3 houses between you and the ocean, and only 3 houses away from a bottle of wine :)
and if it could fit all of the family...
it would be wonderful!
look at the porch!
plenty of room for cooking
outdoor living space
no corners were cut
looking for perfect spot for Christmas tree
main living area will fit everyone
found a spot for the tree!
perfect spot for snacks
main house + carriage
carriage house
room for cars and bikes and baby strollers
Created By
Chris Charles

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