How Music Affects Hearing And Why Parents Should Be Concerned

Parents want what is best for their children, which is why parents should be more attentive to how their children are listening to music.
Listening to music at loud volumes can cause an early onset of hearing loss.

The human ears can only be exposed to a certain sound level. Loud sounds gradually cause hearing loss by damaging the hair-like structures in the inner ear.

The use of earbuds or headphones in public is commonplace in today's society. Even a market for headphones exists, which is currently popular among adolescents.

Typical conversations, such as ones had at the dinner table, are about the sound level at which the sound can continue with little to no harm being done to the ears.
While concertgoers of adolescent age are mesmerized and get caught up in singing along to their favorite songs, they might not be aware of the negative side effects of attending concerts.


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