Order in the Court By: anna castano

Have you heard about the latest news? Is racism expanding around America? This racism is making Muslims not want to go out in public. One reason why, I personally witnessed, is Muslims getting offended by people asking if they are carrying a bomb. This is messed up. In addition to that, islamophobia has increased by one million people, just this year, 2017! This really concerning order is making millions of Muslim-American citizens frightened. On this essay, I'm going to explain the effects that this anti-Muslim order caused, and some solutions.

One of the problems that's concerning people, is that Trump is reinforcing the second amendment, which is that the citizens have the right to own a gun, while he is “eliminating” the first amendment, which is the amendment that gives the citizens five main freedoms, one of them having the right to choose religion. The one that states that the people in the U.S. have the right to choose their religion. Trump has also passed an order that suspended the entire U.S. refugee admissions system for 120 days. People are getting really scared and angry at this order, because this order is making a lot of Muslims get out of the country.

The problem that started all of this was not do to Donald Trump’s presidency, but his determination to protect the U.S. from all terrorism. For example, Trump relates terrorism back to ISIS, which is stereotyped as Muslims, this states that Trump’s “hatred” to this religion. Also, since ISIS is terrorizing a lot of Middle Eastern countries, such as Syria, Yemen, Libia, Iraq, Afghanistan. Citizens from those countries are immigrating to other countries. This made Trump think what to do about this situation, so he decided to create this order.

One impact this order is having on some U.S. citizens is incredible. The main reaction from citizens is protesting outside and inside airports. There are also protests going on outside a Brooklyn courthouse, which it was where the order was passed, and one time people stayed outside protesting for 48 hours straight. Also, there was a modeling project, directed by the celebrity Bella Hadid. One way U.S. citizens can help this to change by protesting in a pacific way.

This order is leaving a lot of thinking to do. Is this the right thing to do? Is protesting the best way to cancel the order? Is ISIS the problem here? Things we haven't looked into. No matter if it was a good or bad intention, this order is not the right way we should be taking this matter to. No matter what you look like or how you think, you shouldn't be discriminated, because racism to anyone is not tolerable in the country known for their freedom.

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Anna Castano


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