Mission 22 By Kennedy Tyler c. saman and Mark

Good morning class want to learn about our 22nd mission. Well we are going to teach you a lot about our mission 22. A overview of our mission is that it has a big bell tower, about 6 arches , and a brick wall made of adobe mud. our mission should be built to colonize the territory of Alta California to spread the Spanish culture. The 22 mission is located in Cresent city. The Costanoan tribe is the closest indian tribe. 20 miles from the Coast and a day's walk from another mission. We decided to make our mission like it is because it is a unique mission and because it will have water and crops near it. how they should live is that they need rivers, sunlight, food, dirt, and hills to live and raise crops and animals. To construct buildings it needs concrete or clay bricks and wood. How the people in the mission trade there items is that they can raise animals and grow crops so it could trade the animals and crops to trade to the Boston and Spain to sell their crops and animals to get some good gold to be rich like some other missions. it should be 20 miles from the Coast . It should be that far away because missions were intended to stay close to the Coast and the Pacific ocean. It should be hilly/flat because the water could be up the hill and we could make man made rivers to the mission on flat ground. The mission needs to have lots of native Americans because it would not be a working mission if there are no native Americans.

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