Benjamin Franklin By: caleb metzger

  • Born on Jan, 17 1706 in Boston, MA
  • Died on Apr, 17 1790 in Philadelphia, PA
  • 6th Presidents

Benjamin Franklin wanted the colonies to be free from England and even though not a lot of people were with him in the beginning he helped to get us freedom.

He also believed that the taxes from England were unfair especially on tea which lead Benjamin Franklin to get involved in the Boston tea party (he came up with the plan) which lead to lower tea taxes

Benjamin Franklin was one of the first to put political cartoons in newspapers and he also was one of the first to write in for the newspaper too. When he wasn't a political figure this is how he got his ideas and opinions out.

Benjamin Franklin was sent over to France to get their help is the revolutionary war because Ben knew without there help they would loose the war.

Summary: So Benjamin Franklin believe in America's freedom from England so he did what ever he could to get that done. Such as writing in the newspapers, helping the founding fathers, being one of the leaders in the Boston marathon, and persuading face to help the colones in the war to free america.


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