TKMB Article By:Serena Johson

Racism in real life and in To Kill A Mockingbird are very similar.Overall there is tons of violence and opinions mixed up throughout it all.Sexism and Violence tie into the theme of Racism because with racism comes girls and women being treated differently and discriminated against and with that happening comes violence because the mixing pot of emotion is being mixed when those things come up.

The violence against the civil rights workers is like the emotional and physical violence against Tom and Atticus.”African Americans were targets of the capmaign of terror consisting of violence which the whites thought maintained segregation in the South".Tom was the center of attention in town throughout this trial because people think he raped Mayella.Also Atticus was the center of attention because as a white male he was helping out people in the black community which made his more out there and looked at then before.

The community was seperated between races.

In the year 1955,Lamar Smith,who was a farmer and a WW1 vet was murdered by being shot on a crowded courthouse lawn in Brookhaven,MIssissippi for urging blacks to vote.In that same year Reverend George Lee was also murdered for organizing black voters in the Mississippi Delta.Jonathan Daniels was a white seminary student from Boston who had travelled to Alabama to help a black voters registration in Lowndes County.Mr.Daniels was also shot and killed by a deputy officer.

Just like Mr.Jonathan Daniels,Atticus tried helping the black community by defending Tom Robinson.And Atticus defending Tom made Atticus be looked down on because Tom was black and Atticus was white,And that was wrong back then.Also like those other men that were shot and killed,Tom tried running away because he knew that the best thing for him just like the protesters for the voting thought it was best for them to stand up for their rights to vote.

Blacks all over fought for their lives just so they would have the right to vote in their own country.

While just as much as racism is brought up there is also Sexism.In the real word pretty much every female has been discriminated against for doing something or acting a certain way,Just like Scout.McGoodWin said “ this is an example of blatant and overt sexism,something most people recognize as targeting a person based on his or her gender”

Sexism is seen as men playig with women like puppets

Mc GoodWin's statement is true.Back when this story took place,it probably wasn’t as noticeable because it tied into racism.The boys discriminated Scout a lot by not letting her play with them or making her feel bad because she never hangs out with any girls and because she’s not girly enough.

Twenty percent of respondents in a University of Chicago study found the overall environment of campus racist. Another research showed that on another college campus twenty-one percent of people were sexist while six percent was homophobic.


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