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Late autumnal stunning colours, cold and crisp mornings, bonfire night on the horizon: this really is my favourite time of the year. Everyone has returned after the Half Term break refreshed and in excellent form, ready for the busy seven weeks ahead of us. I spoke to the children about perseverance. We used the famous story of the little frog who went away from his family pond to explore the farmyard. Having found his way to the dairy, he fell into a large vat of cream. Fearing for his life as he struggled to keep afloat, he remembered his parents willing him on to swim for the first time back home in the muddy pond. With their voices of "keep going" ringing in his head, he kept kicking his little legs, until eventually he found that the cream had solidified and he had made butter through his desperation not to go under. Whilst re-telling this story, our House Captains busily made butter from cream behind me. The point of this was for our children to persevere when faced with challenges of any nature.

I am still in awe of the informal concerts just before Half Term, where we were treated to some wonderful solo performances. Children of all abilities took to the stage, from those who have only been learning an instrument for a few weeks, to more advanced players. They all performed with great confidence and obvious enjoyment, and I was particularly impressed with their bows at the end of their pieces. It is so important to be proud of all that we achieve, and it was good to see the performers relish the applause they were given. The Year 2 violin group particularly impressed me, and having spent part of my career as Director of Music in a specialist Music School, I have never witnessed playing like this. The opportunities the children are given with their music are very special indeed, and I urge them all to continue to play and appreciate music. It opens doors to a number of opportunities, instils confidence and self-esteem, and above all else, generates considerable enjoyment. I cannot wait to hear our choirs at the Carol Service at the end of term, and our next round of informal concerts.

On the sporting side, all that watched the U12 Girls Hockey teams will have been treated to two exciting and closely fought matches against Riley House. The girls played strongly as a team and the progress they have made since September was palpable to us all. I was particularly struck by the mutual respect and admiration shown by both teams at the end when they shook hands after the matches. Having fought hard on the pitch, the warmth and generosity of spirit shown by all the girls off the pitch encapsulated the true values of sport at this age.

I do hope you will all be able to join us for our Act of Remembrance at 8.45am on Friday, 11 November. All year groups will be participating in our assembly, and the Year 7s will lead us in our Act of Remembrance outside Hepburn House. Coffee and Tea will be provided for parents before and after the service.

I wish you all an enjoyable weekend. The Pumpkin party looks to be a wonderful event tonight, and my thanks to the PA for organising this annual party. We will be at Elie Bonfire Night tomorrow, and I can't wait. If you are attending a bonfire night, enjoy it and stay safe.

William Goldsmith, 4 November 2016


As part of our 'Unit of Inquiry' into our choice of heroes and role models reflect our beliefs, both as individuals and as a society, Year 3 visited the McManus Galleries, Dundee to learn more about role models in our society. We explored the different exhibits, where we took notes on Mary Slessor and James Caird. We then made sketches of artefacts, which have been used to create sketches back at School.

Act of Remembrance, 8.45am Friday, 11 November 2016

Parents, Guardians and friends are most welcome to join the Junior School for our Armistice Day Assembly and Act of Remembrance on Friday, 11 November. Starting in St Katharines Hall at 8.45am, each year group will lead World War I poems, before our Act of Remembrance, led by Year 7, in front of Hepburn House. Coffee and Tea will be served to guests before and after the service.

Year 7 have created their own autobiographies, inspired by Roald Dahl's 'Boy'. We were delighted to award Harriet and Isobel Headmaster's commendations for their efforts and creativity.


Year 6 spent Thursday designing and building their own irrigation systems as part of their 'Unit of Inquiry' assessment.. The goal is to use their irrigation system to successfully grow some seeds in the classroom.

Year 2 have been looking at celebrating individuality

4Ps new 'Unit of Inquiry'

Our physical health is influences by the choices we make. We are doing health as our new 'Unit of Inquiry'. We looked at the difference between healthy and unhealthy food. I’d like to know why sugar is bad. Shreyas

This unit we are learning about health and choices. We all designed our own balanced meal. We were studying an eat well guide. The next thing I’d like to learn is why food makes a difference to our health. Alanya

We have been learning about health and we made a sheet and we had to make a meal that we would eat. I would like to ask Mrs Boissiere to learn in this unit about the lungs and what they do in our body. Ben

Year 4 have been looking at healthy eating
We wish the following a very...

Many happy returns to... Ollie, Harriet, Scott, Lucinda and Mrs Dewar


On Monday, Year 1 watched the ‘Funnybones’ story and retold it using their own pictures. We then worked together to sound out the words to tell the story to other people. We have been practising letter formation in Phonics lessons so were able to write some of the book themselves and they went back to add more detail to make it interesting for the reader. We put the book together at the end of the week and even had time to think about what we liked and what we could do better next time.

Year 1 are such good readers that they were able to tell Mrs Fynn which way round the book opened and that we needed to write ‘The End’.

A busy week and some very hard working Year 1s!

Year 1 with their Phonics journals

We are delighted to announce the Fun Run, held on Friday, 14 October, has raised £740 so far. This brings our total raised for this year's charity, RNLI, to £999.67. Well done to our school community, and keep up the good work.

Theme for the week ahead

I absolutely love the game 'Guess Who', and on Monday during assembly I shall attempt a human version of this iconic game.

Where 'Guess Who' can equate to our everyday lives, is that when you see someone who looks similar to you, it doesn't necessarily mean they have the same interests as you. The way someone looks has very little to do with who they are and what they like to do. Indeed, a good friend is most likely going to look very different to you.

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