missionary servants of the holy trinity Post-Novitiate Colombia (November 2016 to January 2017)

In these first days of the year we want to share the experiences that the Lord gave us during the months of November and December 2016 as well as January 2017

On the last Friday in November, the brothers in the post-novitiate concluded their school semester in their respective universities: Brothers Eder and Jesús in UPB and Brothers Jhon, Francisco, Wilson and James in FUNLAM

On November 9th, we celebrated Brother Francisco’s birthday. We wish that God will continue to bless him with many more years.

On Saturday, November 12th, we held a retreat in our house for the First Communion children. Catechists from the parish in La Estrella led the retreat, supported by our Brothers Eder, Jesús and Francisco. The retreat was organized in the form of a rally where they went through seven stations, with each of them having a theme that was seen throughout the year in the catechesis of preparation for first communion.
On November 28th we had the regional meeting in our house of formation, and the following day, on the 29th, Brothers José de Jesús, Jhon Arley, Francisco, Wilson and James, S.T. were installed as Lectors and Acolytes. We ask that you pray for them so that God may continue to bless them on their vocational journey.
On Saturday, December 4th, we had an Advent Retreat for the pastoral agents of the parish in La Estrella. The retreat started at 8:00 in the morning and ended at 5:00 in the afternoon. During the day, the themes and reflections revolved around the Gospels of the four advent Sundays of cycle C.
On December 5th and 6th, we held the liturgy workshop entitled: “The Liturgy in the Mission,” guided by Fr. Juan David Muriel, head of Liturgy in the Archdiocese of Medellín.
On the afternoon of December 8th, we offered a lunch for the people who work in the house and their families. It was a sign of our gratitude to those who work with us in our home. May God bless them always.
On the night of December 8th, we shared Christmas presents with our secret friend. This was a great bonding moment. We ask God to help us to live the gift of community.
From December 9-13, we were on an eco-tourism vacation in Capurganá, Colombia. It was a time to live in harmony with the brothers and with God through nature. We thank God and our benefactors for the opportunity they give us to live together as a family and to be in communication with God through the wonders he gives us in nature.
From the 14th to the 28th of December the Brothers José de Jesús, Jhon Arley and James Favaud, were in the communities of Guamal on mission for Christmas celebrating the Novenas with the people of the mission. We ask God for the needs of the people with whom we share, and they gave us their love, which we felt from those who received us.

Brother Eder T. Quiñones shared the Christmas Novena with the people of Vereda el Granizal. Meanwhile Brother Francisco was helping out at the parish in La Estrella from December 15th to January 1st.

On December 28th in the parish of Guamal, Magdalena, a Memorial Mass was celebrated on the first anniversary of our Brother Andrèthéne’s murder, which was presided over by Monsignor Luis Gabriel Ramírez Díaz, Bishop of the Diocese of Banco. After the Eucharist, we went to the place of our Brother's death, where a small monument was built to remember him.
In the month of December Br. Wilson Destine was on vacation with his family in Haiti.
On the night of December 31st, Father Rafael and Brothers José de Jesús and James shared a New Year’s Eve dinner with a family, then celebrated the night Mass in a nursing home ending in some after Mass fellowship with the residents.

In the early days of January, Brothers Eder and Jhon Arley, S.T. spent a short time with their respective families.

From the 2nd to the 12th of January, Br. Eder was in his retreat preparing for his perpetual vows and diaconal ordination. This retreat was held in the Benedictine Monastery, El Rosal, Cundinamarca, Colombia.
At the beginning of January, the brothers who stayed at home prepared dishes typical of the season. In the photo, Brother James appears learning how to prepare a Mexican Rosca de Reyes.
Little by little, the Brothers who were outside the Cenacle were returning home: on January 3rd, Brother Guiteau returned from his Mission Year, on the 7th Br. Wilson returned from his vacation, on the 10th Jhon and on the 14th, Br. Eder and Fr. Diovani. We thank God for the year in which Brother Guiteau was sharing with the brothers and the people of God in our mission in Tucson, Arizona, USA. We hope that now that he has returned to continue his theological studies he will continue to be a blessing to us at home and to the people of the parish of La Estrella, Antioquia, Colombia, where he will be giving his apostolic service this year.
On January 20th, we went out to dinner to celebrate Brother Guiteau's return from his Mission Year and to celebrate the belated birthday of Brother José de Jesús.

The last days of the month we prepared the house for the perpetual vows and diaconate ordination of our Brother Eder.

We give thanks to God and our benefactors because they make our formation possible and allows us to be close to those who need us in our apostolates.

May every Catholic be an apostle!

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