Catherine Blaikley Clayton Younger

The tool I will be describing is a musket. A musket was used everyday to protect yourselfs from Native Americans or to hunt for food. It was made of wood and iron. They would use a lot of gunpowder and lead bullets. The English had this gun beacause it was manufactured well. The natives and the Africans did not have access to it.

This is a photo of a replica Native American. She showed us about what clothing she wore and the ways they lived back then and now.

This is a scale. A scale was used to find the price value of a certain object made of silver. Then they would give you an offer on the piece.

This is what you could turn a silver block into. You could make earrings, spoons, necklaces, symbols, or anything else you want. If you were needed money at the time, you could go to the silversmith to gibe it for money.

This is the beginning of the process.

I might come here to sell my old cutlery from my husband. My husband died 35 years ago. I could buy new spoon for myself. The smell was like wood and fire because there was a fireplace in there. It also smelled musty because it was older more damp wood. I would go up to the owner and start a conversation to be friendly. Then I would tell them what I need.

This is the palace of the Mayor of Virginia. He was not liked throughout the colony.

He had so many guns because he wanted to show wealth, and for the militia and protection for himself and others.

You could tell he was rich because he had marble. Marble was super expensive back then. He got it from Belgium. That had to be imported

I might come here to arrange a funerals or something for my husband who passed. I could also go there for help or arrangement of the town. I do not like him, but he's what we got.

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