Learning Objective #2 Retrieval practice

Common Exhibit

I used Quizlet flashcards and games to help me study for an upcoming Econ 2110 test. I focused mostly on the chapter that I was having a lot of trouble with, which was also the chapter than Quizlet had the most relevant flashcards for.

There were some flashcards with information that we didn't cover in class. This didn't bother me too much because the way I see it, the deeper my understanding of the chapter is, the easier the questions will seem on the test.

I ran about 20 flashcards per day for 5 days and 3 games each day before taking the tests to review during the final two days before the test.

I had to adjust the setting so that the flashcards would prompt the question instead of the answer. This is because Quizlet primarily operates flashcard matching definitions so there can be some problems when reviewing long questions as seen above.

There were a lot of different options of how to study. This was helpful because doing the same type of studying all the time will not prepare you for the test if there are some unexpected changes or if the test is not formatted the way you reviewed.

The most helpful aspect that I found was that Quizlet keeps track of what you often miss and what you get correct on the games and tests.
My favorite game is shown above. In the matching game, Quizlet makes you sort out and match definitions with the correct terms. I found this is a good primer for studying, even if it doesn't prepare you well for a multiple choice test.
I found the tests to be flawed because the smallest typo would result in a miss in the written questions, as seen in number 3 above. At the same time the multiple choice and T/F questions were too easy because most of the answer choices did not make sense, as they are selected randomly from the pool of flashcard answers.


Quizlet was a pretty good tool for studying for my test, however I don't think I will use it as anything more than a supplementary study tool again. The test format and the way that the tests are generated did not really align in a way that helped me review. It is possible that this is because of the nature of the classes that I am taking, which are focused more on critical thinking and understanding rather than recall.

Self-Designed Exhibit

5-day study plan

I decided to impliment the 5-day study plan that we discussed in class for my second MATH 1080 exam. Technically i began studying 6 days before the exam date because I did not want to include the day of the test because I also had an econ test on that day, and wanted to have time to rest and relax and feel like i was already prepared.

Each day consisted of new material practice as well as some review of previous days so naturally each day got longer progressively.

I did about 10 practice problems for each new section per day. Additionally I worked 5 new practice problems of material that i had previously reviewed in the days before.

Labeling the top of the pages with each section and day really helped me keep track of what I was studying at what time. This is important because there is so much material to cover that is all similar so it is easy to mix up different types of problems.

If I found myself having trouble with a particular section I would consult friends, the textbook, or tutorial videos to find some examples that I then copied down to the beginning of the section.


This strategy worked really well for me because it added some structure to the way I was preparing for a test. As a person who enjoys math and physics, I think that I work really well with formulas or consistent routines, so having a 5 day plan with all of my studying planned out was effective. It was also less daunting because I knew how much I was going to review each day so it made studying less stressful and less harmful to my free time. Because of this I also found myself being more productive around test time because i wasn't cramming.


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