Humanities Greatest Strength Self-Control

Humanities's greatest strength is " Self-Control " a mans ability to control himself or herself under great pressure, or even the most delicate situation is absolutely amazing.

Our 45th president Barack Obama lost his self-control at a press conference when one bystander " screwed up his speech "

The Cold War "1947-1991" was a state of political and military tension after World War II between powers in the Western Bloc and powers in the Eastern Bloc, Cuban Leader Fidel Castro had many nuclear bombs aimed at the United States. Any time he'd get upset at us or something we had our hands in, he would threaten to launch these missiles at our homeland. He had a red button on his desk that would launch these missiles. But something kept Mr. Castro from doing so.. "Self-Control' is what kept him from pursuing these threats he announced. if that man had no self control then the US would have a very large swimming hole somewhere across the states.

Another form of self-control is the ability to refrain from temptations of negative influences. If you're trying to be a good citizen of society, and you get mixed up with the wrong people and start vandalizing private property. Then you've just fallen into temptation.

Another form of Self-Control is "Emotional Regulation" which is different in every situation. It's a complex process involves modulating ones state of behavior in any situation, given subjective experience " feelings " like at a poker game pictured above. You win a hand you can either freak u and let everyone know what your thinking or hold your composure. depending on your "self control" is whats gonna happen from one second to another.

There's many forms of self control we see and use everyday. we don't ever realize it, but it takes at to keep bool balm and bollective, sometimes it's not freaking out at work and sometimes its just being straight all the way around. weather its skipping school or not skipping school its all about self control. I feel self control is humanity's greatest strength.


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