The Georgian Friday, 15 may 2020


The importance of true friends when life is difficult…….

If you ask your child what it is that they miss about school, the most likely response would be ‘my friends’. Similarly, if you are asked to reflect on your own schooldays, the most abiding thought is inclined to be that of your friendships.

It stands to reason that perhaps the toughest thing about lockdown for many of us is not being able to enjoy social contact. Friendship actually doesn’t fit into any easy definition. It’s a relationship that cannot be simplified into just a few words. Likewise it isn't just something we tell our children ‘to do’ on the first day of school, yet positive friendship is extremely important for all of us at all ages.

Friends are those who make you feel good about yourself, who will laugh with you at the most embarrassing moment of your life to make you feel lighter, not to add to the jeer. They are the ones who will be there for you during happiness and at times when you need support. We instinctively know when the world feels like it is turning its back on us which friends will be there right at our side. The importance of friendship in our life is beyond description. Yet we understand it and know the feeling of it so very well.

The basic foundation of every relationship is friendship. Whether it’s a relationship with your spouse, children, work colleague or your neighbour, friendship will be at root. Without friends, life would be dull, meaningless and lonely.

Each and every one of us will have faced a difficult or challenging phase in our life at some point. During those times when you need a shoulder to cry on, your friends give you exactly that. They will be there to listen, give you advice, show you kindness and understanding and will seamlessly dilute and share your troubles. They are the ones who understand you without explanation.

Imagine your life without friends. It is quite inconceivable. Very possibly, however, the current situation has challenged that very thinking in you. Our friends add meaning to our lives.

As the saying goes, ‘Anything is possible if you have the right people beside you.’ Right now it does not feel that that is quite where our friends are placed.

Yet this is exactly where they are, not physically of course, but metaphorically. Friends stick with us regardless. We, as humans, have the desire to be understood. Friends fulfil this desire and help us to contain our mind and thoughts. They understand and know us for who we really are, and they forgive us for it. Perhaps that elusive description that we are seeking should simply be ‘One of the most beautiful qualities of friendship is to understand and to be understood.’

As Pooh Bear said

“A friend is someone who helps you up when you’re down and if they can’t they lie down beside you and listen.”

When life begins to normalize again our true friends will still be there for us; whether we are 9 or 99 they will smile, laugh and cry with us. What more could we ask!

With best wishes for a pleasant weekend

Emma and William

Two clips to watch

Matthew Syed gives a brief overview of his book, 'You are Awesome'. It is a great clip and we thoroughly recommend the book: https://vimeo.com/418848452/ba8594a86a

Dick Moore recorded this presentation for St George's, aimed at our senior pupils. We recommend parents watch it before deciding whether to show your children. He provides a powerful message on wellbeing and mental health, which comes at a pertinent time:

Dick will be presenting to our Parents and a link will follow in due course.

Golden Tree Assembly

The following Pre-Prep children received awards this week:

3ML: Barney, Albie, Freya, Herbie

1JH: Harriet, Bertie, Joel

2SS: Coco, Cassian, Ben

2GA: Savannah, Harry, Elizabeth

1AG: Frankie, Louise, Preet, Dylan

3CH: Leonardo, Ellie-May, Joshan, Toby

Rec P: Henry, Alex D, Essa, Millie, Oscar

Red E: Need, William F, Rai, Ella, Summer

Celebration Assembly

We congratulate the following Prep School pupils for the awards they have received in the last two weeks.

Week 3 Awards


Poppy J: for working incredibly hard during the week

Sam P: for a mature and conscientious start to the term

Charlie H: for creating a challenging maths puzzle, applying new maths skills learned through independent learning

Inara H: for a superb piece of creative writing for the 500 words competition based on drawings by Harris Burdick

Nathan M: for hard work in music this term

William F: for hard work and dedication in music this term

Jonah P: for creating an innovative book review

Harry E, Nefeli M, Carys C, Alex L, Arnav K, Adhrit P, Bea A, Tom A, Alex W And Radley H: for superb work in history over the last two weeks

Lucas T: for a beautifully presented diary on kindness acts for the STG Award

Ekam R: for maturity of writing in the form of a letter written to himself in 2040

Noah N-C: for outstanding work in geography

Tom G: for demonstrating enthusiasm in humanities work

Charley W: for completing a fantastic page of illustrated alternative sentences in English

Julian J: for producing an insightful video report on WWII veterans in his local area

Jonah P and Lukas O: for adapting so well to remote learning and working extremely hard in class

Barney W: for submitting excellent work throughout the week

Isla M: for a fantastic work ethic, producing work to a very high standard and for mature and thoughtful communications with teachers

Andreas L and Ebbe K: for producing a super kindness diary for the St George's Award


Max A and Loic C: for going out of their way to help others access remote learning, live lessons and sharing top tips

Alma S: for devising a scavenger hunt for the key worker children

Kobe L: for pursuit of charity work at home and for demonstrating one of the core values of St George's, thoughtfulness

Henry B: for courage, playing the 'cello ‘live’ to his class during form time

Carys C and Evie C: for embracing the St George's Award

Week 4 Awards:


Alexander L-V and Paul R: for great work in history - creating amazing Viking shields

Ben I’A, Noah N-C, Harry E, Zeph K and Nathan M: for their great contribution to the St George’s Award

Zeph K and Max C: for outstanding work in geography

Tristan U-I: for excellent work in food technology

Ekam R: for his detailed presentation on Sir Isaac Newton

Edith R: for acting on and improving independent work based on feedback given

Celeste J-H: for her great explanation of how she found the answers in maths

Charlie W: for his excellent explanation of how to find a practical answer to questions in maths

Alma S: for an excellent story based on the Norse myth Thor and His Stolen Hammer

Alexandra W and Zachary F-J: for accessing and sending in school work from across the Atlantic

VE Day Celebrations

Last Friday, 8 May was the start of a three-day weekend to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe. It allowed us to put COVID-19 to the back of our minds for a short time and some of us were lucky enough to see the Red Arrows flying over the Air Forces Memorial on Friday morning. After the two minute silence at 11am, the day continued with street parties held at distance from neighbours. Many STG pupils made the most of the occasion, putting up bunting, baking cakes, cookies and muffins, making a model spitfire and a replica gas mask, decorating their homes and their streets and collecting for charity. Some of them even dressed in the style of the 1940s.

STG Key Worker Children Make PPE

We were very proud that 11 STG pupils have worked together to produce protective masks for Basingstoke Hospital using material supplied by Technology Supplies. Mr Giani downloaded a file from WF Education, which was used to cut out the headband on the DT Department’s state-of-the-art laser cutter. They made the face shield from acetate and used a hole punch to fit the headband. Once the masks were assembled, a third team disinfected them. The 42 masks were collected by Theo’s mum who works at Basingstoke Hospital. We were thrilled to bits to receive a photo of the nurses wearing the masks.

Next week the children will be making more to distribute to local care homes.


Many of the photos sent to connected@ this week have a distinct Viking flavour. Mr Wilson reports that on Wednesday the Year 4s were highly entertained remotely by a Viking actor. They were shown weapons, told facts about Viking history and were even taught some of the language spoken. The children then made their own shields and helmets. Year 2 have also had the Vikings as their history topic and made some Viking bread which looks delicious! They also made some terrific model Viking longships.

Really Good Work

A lot of care and attention has clearly gone into creating these very special and interesting pieces of work this week, including beautiful writing and drawing, scientific experimentation and a range of other skills.

Music Matters

If you were not able to join yesterday's virtual music concert, the link to the Vimeo recording is below:

Thank you to all those who took part and for providing us such sublime music.

Please keep sending in more photos like these for us to include in  Friday Feeling and in The Georgian. It's great to see everyone carrying on with their lessons and practising.

Fruit and Vegetables

The work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the Italian painter best known for creating portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruit and vegetables, inspired some of the Year 2 artwork this week.

The Reception classes have also been thinking about their favourite fruit and vegetables, making delicious fruit salad, kebabs and smoothies. Summer D even turned herself into a fruit person!

Marvellous Mosaics

The ancient technique of mosaic art has been brought into the 21st century by in Year 1. Inspired by some of their favourite things, the children have clearly found mosaic making absorbing and fun to do.

The Great Outdoors

After being confined indoors doing their school work, STG pupils have been able to go wild for a while, climbing trees, making dens, examining insects, planting seeds and watching them grow, collecting feathers, exploring the countryside and immersing themselves in nature.

There is no better way to explore the outdoors than on your bike and cycling continues rank alongside STG pupils' favourite activities.

Back at home many children have turned to another favourite hobby - cooking and baking!

St George's Award

This week has been Deaf Awareness Week and in recognition of this the children were set the challenge to learn to sign their names.

Quick Quiz

The answers to last week's quiz were: 1. Hermione Granger 2. Paddington Bear 3. The Gingerbread Man 4. Mary Poppins 5. Elmer the Elephant 6. The Wimpy Kid.

These wild plants and flowers were all seen on a walk down by the river this week. Do you know their names?

SOuL Interactive

This week Mrs Onions is highlighting the 'signal strength' activity, which is a great way of working on non verbal communication, and one which can be done inside and outside. Even if you do not have flags and torches to hand, it is still quite fun to try and write a message or name in code and see if others can crack it! Do send your efforts to Connected.

Free E-Book

This week's free e-book from BookLife is part of the I Can Be series, and can be found here.

Wishing the following pupils a very...

For the Week Ahead: Jack C and Reuben C!