Nature at the Florida Museum of Natural History Elizabeth Muldoon

Nature on Display: After walking through the entire museum the exhibits that were most appealing to me were the butterfly and the frog exhibits because they showcased real, living nature. The butterfly exhibit was especially appealing because it truly immersed you in the nature while educating you on what you were seeing. I learned how peaceful and relaxing the natural world can be, but still fun and exciting. I saw older couples sitting on benches just enjoying their Saturday in a beautiful exhibit. On the other hand, I saw children running around looking at all of the butterflies and excitedly telling their parents that they found more in a different part of the park. Seeing the human interaction with nature that this exhibit was able to give to people is what really made it enjoyable for me.
Nature and Ethics: The Museum allowed me to experience nature in the way Leopold recommends and instilled an ethical responsibility to it, though that was already something that I felt. The way the children reacted to both the frog and butterfly exhibits was exactly the way Leopold believes everyone should. Many adults also were appreciated the beauty that nature provides, but the kids were the ones who truly enthused and in awe. Seeing this reaction made me excited and made me want to go out and fight to keep that spirit for nature alive in everyone. Remembering back to feeling that way myself as a young child made me feel my ethical obligation to nature more than ever before.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This museum gives us the opportunity to appreciate what we so often take for granted. In our every day lives we do not stop to look at butterflies or sit on a bench that overlooks a coy pond. We do not care what noise a frog makes, unless it is annoying us. These exhibits were able to change that, even if it was just for an afternoon. The museum was able to show the beauty that our world has to offer and definitely made me appreciate the natural beauty I am surrounded by. The museum was able to connect me to nature because it immersed me in it.
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