At-Home Art Projects Canvas - Mosaic - Ceramic

Choose from a variety of canvas designs. These kits are great as fun home activities for children and adults alike. Use the kits as a great homeschooling aid. All the needed items such as canvas, paint and video instructions are supplied.

Canvas Kits

Choose from the following designs:

Owl - Unicorn - Daisy - Soccer

Paris Nights - Martini Glass

Mosaic Kits

Mosaic kits come with a variety of tiles, grout, glue, design board and printed instructions.

Choose from the designs below

Fish Mosaic
Butterfly Mosaic
Initial Letter Mosaics
Dog Decor

Check Out Our Instructional Video

Ceramic Kits

Acrylic Painted Ceramics

This method of painting ceramics is similar to the traditional manner of painting any surface. Once your creative painting design is done, a protective coating is applied on the ceramic. These coatings come in plain or sparkle finishes. Once dry, the project is complete.

Glazed Ceramics

Glazed ceramics are coated with underglazing paint which must be fired in a kiln. The end product has a shiny, waterproof finish. These ceramics are safe for food use. With the At-Home glazed ceramics kits, you paint the underglaze designs on the ceramic piece and then return the ceramics to our studio. Once the project has been fired, we will call you to pick-up your ceramic piece.

Choose from these ceramics

Tiger Bank
Penguin & Hippo Bank
Pumpkin Jar (must be glazed)
Dog Jar (Must be Glazed)

Thank you for viewing our At-Home Kits. If you have any questions, email us at info@paintingsensations.com or call 248.862.2575.