Career (Zoologist) By casey hoLsinger

This is my panther chameleon one way by being a zoology is to study theses animals and there behavior and see how they do in there habitat.


  • to become a zoologist you have to have experience with all sorts of animals and were they are founded from and species of each animal.
  • you have to have a balchors degree to be able to work with animals you have to be willing to challenge yourself to save animals.
  • By helping out theses animals there will be fewer deaths and the population will be much higher if we save them by having more zoologist in the world.
  • there are thing people don't know about these animals.
  • zoology traces the study of the animal kingdom from ancient to modern times.
As a zoologist you have to help nurture the young back to Heath .

Career goal & advancements

  • my goal is to become a zoologist by getting to my goal I will have to take collage and have a balchors degree I have to at least take biologist and wildlife science to meet my goal .
  • Out of 5/20 students actually pass this course and become zoologist it coast a lot of money and it's a lot of hard work but it can be done.
How mucu annual wage is for zoologist in different states as of 2011 to now

Financial planning

  • i will have an apartment with utilities and I will be able to get around I have a used car and I'll save enough money to get into zoologist course .
  • I will have to be able to have 87 hours to complete this course.
  • Zoologist make about 30,000$ to 80,000$ a year.
This is my living and the amount I need to save up

Cost of living

  • for one bedroom apartment it will cost $692 and utilities will cost $437 and food will cost $300 to eat at home and for transportation I'll be using a used car for $543 and for clothing.
  • $125 and for entertainment will be 75$ and healthcare will be $50 for employer and personal care will be $425 for basics / extras / luxuries .
  • For my students loans I'll have professional degree will be $589 but my monthly will be $4,737 a month but I need to save $70,000 needed.

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