Des Moines County by nate angran

looking for a good place to go for a family vacation and stay in Iowa. Well go to Burlington, Iowa and visit Fun City for a great day in Iowa. You can go to the Catfish Casino and win you some cash, or go to the Steam Boat Days carnival for a week of fun as well.

county map of Iowa

Des Moines County used to be the capital of Iowa back in the day, but the capital moved to the city of Des Moines.

Big Hollow is an Indian that was a chief of a tribe in the area

Some cities in my county are Burlington, Danville, Middle Town, and Beaverdale. The population of Des Moines county is 40,500

Flint River

I have shown you some of the most important stuff about my county. Des Moines county is a great county in my opinion and you should visit the county

my county is surrounded my counties that i have so cant compare


Created with images by Loco Steve - "Murray Iron works buildings Burlington"

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