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Mount Everest, is it worth a risk or not?

Mount Everest is worth a climb if you have trained properly, acclimatized, and if you are a risk taker, but know when to turn back, to make the best decision.

Globalization–Making the world stronger or weaker?

Globalization could have both positive and negative effects on the world. Sometimes good thing could bring bad things.

Bucket list


1. Q: What makes a good citizen?

A: To be a good citizen, you should pay income, taxes honestly, and on time, to federal, and local authorities. This is a very important responsibility, because first, roughly 80 percent of federal government’s revenue come from individual income taxes, which is major recourse of social insurance programs. Second, public education also relies on government’s tax income. For example, more than 90% of weston’s tax income are used for public education. Last, a lot of social welfare, such as Food Stamps, House Assistance, and Child Nutrition Program, depend on government’s tax revenue. Therefore, a good taxpayer must be a great citizen, since his/her tax is distributed into different government programs, which helps the country to build a better society.

If you don't pay tax from day to day, then you need to pay a huge amount of money.

Question: What is the difference between limited and unlimited forms of government?

Answer: Limited government focus on its citizens rights. On the other side, unlimited government, focus on rulers benefits. Unlimited government, such as dictatorship or autocracy, is easy to make decisions. For example, if the country bans all flights, no one will say anything, because they’re afraid the government will pull them directly to jail. This means citizens in unlimited government doesn't have rights. Limited government carefully make all the political decisions. lf they did something the citizens don't like, they can parade and make the government change, or elect a new government leader. This means limited government care more about citizen’s rights. Limited governments listens to citizens and citizens like the government, unlimited government don't listen to their citizens, so their citizens get angry when they can't express their opinion.

Limited and unlimited governments have differences

Question: What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

Answer: Centrifugal is the force working against and centripetal is working for supranational cooperation among the nations. centrifugal force keeps the country apart, the countries want to have their own culture, and a little their own laws. but centripetal force, the EU bring them together, they work together, they can live in one country and work in another, they make the same laws, celebrate festivals together, bringing them together.

Centripetal force keeping countries together
Centrifugal force separates countries

Question: How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People could live near an oasis to get water, food, and avoid sandstorms, so they could get water from lakes, rivers, such as the Niger/Nile river and lake chad. It is a good water source. People can use them to water crops. Which leads to desertification for all water sources, because it has drought in the desert region. Other surviving from crops, people can eat meat from animals, which live in an oasis, or fishing from lake and rivers. If there is plants in an oasis, then there must be animals. Those are the food sources if you live in the sahara, certainly people could carry it with them, but they need to go back before they run out of food.

An oasis is very important for the People who live in an desert region.

Question: How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Answer: They sell crude oil to other countries to get money. Or use them, so they don't have to buy it from other countries. The SW and Central Asia is very rich of oil. Countries sometimes fight over it for these non-renewable resources, and they wish to control it. Oil cannot be made instantly: Thousand of years ago, when SW and Central Asia is still ocean. At the bottom, small creatures died, they sink into the bottom of the sea. Over time, these small creatures turned into rock, and will eventually turn into oil. Even though they have a lot of these, most countries’ life expectancy did not go up, because some of the countries are at war for the oil and some spent these money on military bases. Oil have both positive and negative effects on countries.

Countries oil production and exports


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