My Good Life Nature Activity By Maina aoita

The butterfly exhibit was the most interesting out of the multiple exhibits the museum had offered. It was so fascinating to see the multitudes of different butterfly types out in the world. The patterns of their fragile wings and their size were perplexing. I have observed during the exploration of the exhibit that when butterflies emerge from their cocoons they appear to be super fragile and their abdomens are larger in size. Later I discovered that the abdomen carries fluid which is used to fully expand their small and delicate wings before they can fly.
I began to see what Leopold meant when I ventured into the exhibit where they introduced sea creatures. Here I read a description about how sea turtles come to the shoreline to give birth to their young. To respect their space and prevent any endangerment of the species, we do exactly what Leopold suggests, which is to "love, respect, and admire". By not littering our beaches and lessening the local establishments of buildings, we all can admire what nature provides us in the world. The sea turtles are good examples to allow us to admire them if we respect them. The people around me appeared to be consumed in their own thoughts as they read the descriptions. I can only guess that they too are thinking about respecting wildlife. The museum does a fantastic job with making every detail realistic enough to make us feel like we are truly there. We are captured in the environment and can visualize and hear the nature almost first hand.
While touring the outdoor butterfly exhibit, it was truly a magical place. The man-made waterfall and the butterflies that soared all around me had caught me into a trance. I forgot all about my stress with school and managing life all together and was mesmerized by the chirping of the birds and the sound of rushing water. When nature is at its fullest and is not littered with carelessness of humans waste, it instills curiosity within me. The wildlife that coexist without destruction and the peace that resides behind it is mysterious and majestic. It intrigues me and I can only wish that we as humans can learn from the almighty mother nature.

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