Connecting With Nature Tour of the florida museum of natural history BY Josephine St-Cyr

Nature on Nature

I find the design of this exhibit appealing because it gives an idea of what it was like in the ancient Native American times. As I was walking through the hallway of exhibit, I came across this particular display. I had to do a second look because it really caught my eye. From looking at it, I felt the sense of unity because as you can see fro the photo, everyone is gathered around as one. Being able to see exhibits such as this one made me appreciative about the history of the world and the history of my culture.

Nature and Ethics

The Florida Museum of Natural History lets you connect with nature with the Butterfly Rainforest. I love the idea of this because it gives the visitors the opportunity to be close up to different kinds of butterflies. My friend, on the other hand, was scared to walk through the exhibit which the experience more enjoying. When I went in the summer with my first-year Florida, the butterflies were flying everywhere and it felt more warming. Going this time was a bit different because it was very cold and the butter preferred to be snuggled up on the leaves. They were stuck in one place in an attempt to keep warm and that made me feel appreciate the fact that I am able to put on extra layers of clothes to keep warm.

Nature and Human Spirit

The fossils that are shown at the Museum helped me step out of my ordinary life to look at the majesty and mystery natural world. I stood in front of one of the fossils and wondered about what life would've been like if dinosaurs still existed. Would we be afraid of this huge creatures or would dinosaurs be nice to the humans. I also asked myself questions like "Why did dinosaurs go extinct?" Being that close to the fossils made me very curious about the existence of dinosaurs.

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