Silbo Gomero Electronic Music Duo | Chicago, IL & Fort Wayne, IN

Silbo Gomero is Hope Arthur and Kurt Roembke, an electronic duo based in Chicago, IL and Fort Wayne, IN. Combining their interests and influences in experimental pop, classical, and video game music, Silbo Gomero writes songs that transport you into their own world filled with spirits that glide through the trees, shifting your sonic environment as they float past you. Their sound draws inspiration from artists like Björk, and Thom Yorke, and game composers like Disasterpeace and Ben Babbitt.

Kurt and Hope met while studying music together at university. Unlike their current electro-acoustic arrangements, they first started as an exploration of whistle choir music after Hope heard Kurt performing with his beautiful and pure whistling. Moving on from their whistling days, they decided to keep the name Silbo Gomero, a name that pays homage to a whistle language from the Canary Islands. Their current music blends gritty synths and beats with a collage of orchestral samples, and acoustic instruments, as a bed for vocals that explore both personal anecdotes and outward rallying cries for change.

Silbo Gomero has collaborated with numerous dance companies including Konverj Dance out of New York City and Mikautadze Dance Theatre from Fort Wayne, IN. In 2017 they performed their original score to the silent film classic, “Adventures of Prince Achmed.” Additionally they composed the music to the award winning short animation, “Dandelions,” by Nikki Hines and Rebecca Strong.

The duo is about to release their debut album, “Here Comes the Beast,” on April 23rd 2021. They’ve created a unique visual world for the album that can be explored in a 4 song interactive music video which was live streamed on Twitch February 18th, 2021 for the Great Lakes Game Expo (GLGX). It will be playable on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.


Album Singles

EMAIL | silbogomeromusic@gmail.com

"This music is spine-tingling."

- GLGExpo

"Now this game has an awesome vibe!"

Zanzlanz (Game Developer)

"10/10 harmonies!"

GLGX Attendee