War of the Roses By: keaton, larue

House of Lancaster

The House of Lancaster used red roses to represent them selves. They had Henry the 5th, 6th, and 7th. They fell apart in the Hundreds year war.

House of York

The House of York used white roses to represent them selves. They had Richard the third and Edward the fourth. They were somewhat cruel to an extent.

Henry VI

Henry the 6th was the king of England for a period of time. He had mental issues.

Richard III

Richard the third was thought to have killed his nephews to claim the throne, which he did.

I personally believe Richard is guilty. There was 2 bodies found under the stairs in the London Tower. It is a little weird both of them disappeared.

The Battle of Bosworth was the final battle and the Henry Tudor won. Richard III died in this battle.

Henry Tudor was very smart and won in the Battle of Bosworth against Richard III.


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