Glasgow, Scotland By Charles-Antoine Boulanger and MARC-ÉTIENNE baril

Last summer, we decided to visit a part of the United Kingdom. We always wished to visit Scotland and discover its unique Celtic culture and its great landscapes. It was also a way to improve our English level. Since many years, it was a goal we putted on our bucket list. We visited Glasgow, the biggest city of Scotland according to the population. For this trip, we gained 4000$ from the government. We left right after school last year. This trip was our best one! We will always remember it. Can't wait to show you what we did!

Day 1 (June 24)

After past hours to prepare our departure it was the time to leave and said goodbye to our families. We left from Trois-Rivières at 3:00 p.m. by car. We had already prepared a lunch for the drive. The arrival at the airport was scheduled at 5:00 p.m. We took a flight to Reykjavik at 7:50 p.m. The flight was with WOW Air. The cost for the two-way trip to London with a connection at Reykjavik was 2369,96$.

Total day cost ≈ 1184,98$

The plane we took!

Day 2 (June 25)

We were onboard the plane, going to Reykjavik. We were doing a connection there. At Reykjavik we had a few hours to visit the city before take our next flight. We experimented a nice restaurant and have the time to walk in some of the downtown streets. We were in a hurry because our next flight London bound was soon. After a couple of hours, we finally arrive at London. There we needed to take a train to Glasgow in the evening. The train company was Virgin Train. The two ways trip for both in train was 400$.

Total day cost ≈ 200$

Day 3 (June 26)

Arrived at Glasgow we decided to take a cab to our Airbnb (134$/ by night) we relaxed during the evening. Later on, we went to a fast-food (20$/ each) and walked around the area. Since we were tired, we decided to sleep earlier. After, we made our schedule for the following days.

Total day cost ≈ 154$

Day 4 (June 27)

First, we ate a delicious breakfast at the corner coffee shop (15$ / each). After we went to George Square to walk and take great pictures. At noon, we left for the Riverside museum and lunch there (20$/ each). The museum was very interesting. We learned about transportation of all times. We also enjoyed the great architecture of the building and the one of a kind emplacement near the water. We passed the evening in the downtown. We were back at the apartment around 9 o'clock.

Total day cost ≈ 172$

Day 5 (June 28)

This day was our relax day. After a nice homemade breakfast, we left for the Glasgow Botanic gardens. We had the chance to feel the fresh air right from the gardens and enjoy the morning dew. We passed the afternoon at the Serenity Centre. We took time for us after long days in the transports. The price for both of us was 200$ for 90 minutes of pure pleasure. In the evening, we went to downtown to do a bit of shopping (100$/ each). We expected to buy a kilt to lives like the locals. After we bought it we decided to wear it and to take a walk. We also decided to talk with the Scottish with our basics skills of Gaelic. This was a very Scottish experience ladies and gentlemen!

Total day cost ≈ 534$

Day 6 (June 29)

We had the idea to explore the city. First, we decided to go to Buchanan Street and expected to eat a nice breakfast (20$/ each) while discovering an historical site. In the afternoon, we chose to eat at Ubiquitous Chip to eat a Haggis (30$/ each). We decided to experiment a great and famous meal from Scotland. The Haggis is a traditional meat from there. It is a mix of variety meats from sheep mix with spices and after it is stuff in a belly. In the night, we visited the Glasgow Green an unavoidable park.

Total day cost ≈ 234$

Day 7 (June 30)

This was our last day in Glasgow. We took the train in the morning to be at the airport 3 hours before the departure at 11:40 a.m. At the airport, we hoped to find some souvenirs like flags and postal cards (25$/ each) and expected to eat at a fast-food there (20 $/ each). We arrived at Montréal around 6:50 p.m. Before arriving home, we needed to do an hour and a half of driving. At home, we were so happy to show the pictures we took to our family members and to tell them our trip.

Total day cost ≈ 1474,98$

Total trip cost: 3953,96$
Hope you enjoy!

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