Ratification of Constitution no more chaos in the states

A ratification of the constitution is desperately needed. We need to have control over our states. Do you want events like Shays Rebellion to take place again? With a strong federal government this country can run smoothly.

Now you may be thinking that a federal government will threaten your rights. This isn't true because the central government will protect your rights there will houses of representatives that will give you your voice. There will also be fair representation because there will be a House of Representatives established.

Congress will be given the power to tax the people. This way it will be easier for the government to take care of the states' needs. There will be money available to benifit the citizen in a positive way.

Also congress will be given the power to declare war. This will make sure that we are safe. Without the constitution, states would be able to declare war. This can threaten our safety.


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