By: Gabrielle Brown

Erbium's symbol is Er and a metal with an atomic # of 68 and Atomic mass of 167.26

Erbium has 68 protons, 68 electrons, and 77 neutrons.

The melting point is 1,529 ˙C and the boiling point is 2,867 ˙C. Its normal phase is solid and belongs to the Rare Earth Metals family.

The name Erbium came from a town in Sweden called Ytterby. This element was discovered by Carl Gustaf Mosander.

-Carl Gustaf Mosander-



1. Is stable in air & doesn't oxidize as quick as other rare earth metals.

2. Erbium is malleable(Able to be hammered down).

3. can be used to add pink to cubic zirconia.

4. Not a required element for the human body, but might help with metabolism.

5. Compounds like Erbium oxide are used in safety glasses for welders and metal works.

6. Divided into the Lanthanide & Actinide series.

-Erbium Oxide-

Erbium is never found as a free element or by itself. It can be found in other rare earth metals and one of the many abundant rare earth metals.

Though Erbium is soft and bright, it is quite toxic.

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