Pandora's Box by:andrea

Prometheus got in trouble with Zeus for not obeying his word so, Zeus punished Prometheus. But that was not enough punishment for Zeus so, he went after Epimetheus. He had the handy man make a girl he named her Pandora. But he actually felt bad for Epimetheus so he let him marry her. Zeus gave them a box for a wedding gift but told them it was never to be opened.So they didn't open it but, Pandora was so curious that she opened it when Epimetheus was gone and all the bad in the world came out.

statue of pandora

And it ended with all the bad in the world coming out.

Mainly this is saying don't do somthing if you are told not to do it. And the theme is don't refuse to do something

sort of like peer pressure


Created with images by andre.m(eye)r.vitali - "Pandora opened her box" • takomabibelot - "Her Box (Victoria & Albert Museum, London)" • cote - "Cats in Bat Country"

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