MEK Iftar TVC Treatment by Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

First of all I would like to thank you for choosing me for this campaign that certainly attracts and intrigues any director. I think we are about to make a very entertaining campaign this Ramadan that will reveal Misr El Kheir's evolution and achievements year after year and its great cause.

Overall Approach

Let me first show my greatest support to the selection of Karim Abdel Aziz being our hero in this campaign as he fits totally in terms of storyline and character. Having Karim with us will enrich the copy and give it a sense of humor that will make it appealing for the audience rather than the sad and heart breaking ads that mostly appear in Ramadan when it comes to charity campaigns. This is already a big edge!

Coming to talk about the objective, this commercial is all about the procedures of the our product MEK's Iftar meal and the increase in terms of number which is here the 5 Million people! I totally am aware that the number of 5 should be stressed on in order to show the people how MEK has expanded both their man power and also the number of people targeted to reach this Ramadan.

People should be impressed and feel the "Ramadanish" feel in this copy from Karim's attitude as a host, the astonishing man power and neatness of MEK's employees and meals and finally through encouraging people to give. But most importantly the viewer needs to trust that this is a trusted place that gets bigger each year.

Wave 1 - Copy 1

We start the Copy by seeing a medium shot of a person on a ladder putting lights on the picture is a bit dark and we don't see the place clearly.

We track in with a point of view shot of someone entering the tent and approaching the worker on the ladder that is fixing something... We hear footsteps and the voice of Karim Abdel Aziz saying "Khaliha Khamsa". The worker fixes the light and presses on a button that lightens everything up and we see Karim appearing with the tent all lit up.

Then we see a dark factory opening its lights up and our MEK box is lid from below with our logo very visible in a close up shot. We then cut to see Karim in the factory, with lots of man power and very organized approach and order in the packaging, giving a sense of professionalism to the viewer.

After that we see Karim handing in the box to an employee in the train station and the worker closing the door to start their journey of deliveries.

We cut to see the MEK trucks starting the distribution phase all around the country.

We see people's reactions to the truck in astonishment and excitement, people feeling the ramadan spirit about to coming which is the main cause of this copy, making people getting ready for this Ramadan!

The truck moves by night and we see dawn coming while they have arrived a land full of greenery with sun rise hour.

We go back to the set up where the tables are set and the place is all ready to welcome our people. We see Karim with a worker who's lifting a lot of chairs on his back and he asks him to put 5 chairs around each table.

Finally we end with Karim heading toward the camera as if he's going outside of the tent and people start getting inside in the background, until Karim reaches the end and says the last line while standing in front of the gate of the tent revealing the logo of the campaign for the first time.

The end shot will be a top shot for our MEK boxes and food shots where there will be hands coming in the frame and taking boxes and plates out to serve out.

Wave 2 - Copy 1

In the second copy we will mainly depend on Karim's sense of humor and the characters. The cast needs to be very well chosen as they will be needing to have great facial expressions and acting skills.

We start with a tracking top shot of people eating from the MEK box showing how the food looks very fresh and appealing to the audience.

We will then see Karim being a great host and offering each one of the guests options for food and drinks. We will track to follow Karim while he approaches the first group of people around the table and we see a MEK worker handing Karim options for the food to be served. The people show great interest and the food looks very appealing.

We will capture some funny moments where Karim will take the glass of drink from the lady while she is drinking from it to offer her another option of a drink. He starts eating with them from the MEK meal and tries food from the man sitting next to him in a funny way saying "Shaklak shebe3t ya 7agg."

We end with the same end shots of the first copy with Karim sitting in the tent among the huge crowd and then end with the product top shot at the very end.

Wave 2 - Copy 2

In this copy we will focus on the good cause and the variety of people all around the cities that MEK reaches and brings a smile among their faces.

We will see Karim delivering the packs to young children in villages and handing in some drinks for passengers on the roads before Iftar.

We cut to see MEK volunteers who carry the boxes all around the places and deliver it to the door steps, showing the sequence of hard work and journey those worker pass through to deliver these boxes.

We will see poor families eating from the MEK box and we will the human interactions between Karim and the young children and parents of those villages. We will have close ups of his emotional reactions seeing how happy the kids are to see him.

We finally end the copy with our usual end shot of the truck passing by and this time having Karim stand in front of the truck saying his last line.


The location is a key player in this copy as it has to reflect indirectly the effect that MEK makes in a place. This means that the place has to be construction wise not very advanced so that is shows how the tent and the preparations have revived the place and made it shine.

Art Direction

The art direction plays a big role in this commercial as we have three main factors that will need to be extremely stylized; the MEK truck, the MEK "5 Million Sign" and the tent itself where it must feel more Ramadan related to give the feel of Ramadan that was not very much communicated in last year's copy.

The tent will be very important as there will be a whole copy taking place just inside of it so that's why I picture it to be very well decorated with a great feel of Ramadan lanterns and patterns all over it rather than the usual red "Suwan" pattern that has been made a lot in commercials.

Camera Movement & Technique

The visual language that we will use to portray this story is of vital importance. I fully intend to use what I could best describe as a classic visual language, a style that allows the audience to absorb the story's key moments yet also allows the key moments to become immersive.

This film style would be achieved by using tele lenses for intimacy except for establishing shots of the four situations that would illustrate the character through images capturing their choices. A smooth camera movement will deliver the tempo and give more weight to the nature for this film. A high contrast image will be composed through the lighting with an obvious dominancy of real lighting with an agreeable color code to match the brand's nature and follow by its color codes.

When it comes to the visual style for the film’s ending I believe we should stay fairly classical but also add a mild contemporary feel by allowing the camera work to feel off the shoulder and slightly voyeuristic as if we were just another member of crew who happened to be overhearing the onset conversations that are taking place.


So as I'm sure you can tell by now I have quite a large vision for this fun commercial. What I always like to remind my creative partners of at this stage of the process is that we really are at step one of the filmmaking process.

We have a script we all love, we have a succinct vision we all desire, we have a superstar that is about to make a comedian masterpiece with a great cause and we now just have to come together and really hone the story, the action on this occasion until we end up creating a film that is beyond all of our expectations.

It is my job as a director to keep pushing, to keep creating, and to keep delivering. And this is exactly what I intend to achieve for you.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

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